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Public Relations: Inflatables Are Powerful Press Conference PR Tools

Posted in Uses for Custom Inflatables

Giant inflatable flag billboard makes a great backdrop for John Kerry's campaign tour.Inflatables Are Powerful Public Relations Tools That Create Important Photo Ops

Give your press conferences an enticing twist when you include inflatables from Landmark Creations. For over 20 years, we've been creating custom-made inflatables specifically designed to capture the attention of reporters and journalists who cover media events. The result is a significant amount of experience with creating important photo ops at your press conference. PR sometimes requires the use of kid gloves. We help you straddle the line between PR and advertising with tools that always warrant photographs.

Landmark has an entire arsenal of public relations (PR) tools that we put at your disposal including:

  • Product Replicas – Nothing says "take my picture" more than a 20-foot-tall wine bottle, a 30-foot-high bag of potato chips or a giant, inflatable bottle of stain remover. Always a hit at a press conference, PR tools such as product replicas give reporters a reason to shoot your event.
  • Inflatable Logos – Branding to the max! Inflate your logo to 10, 20, 30 feet high or more and make a memorable visual impression that won't soon be forgotten.
  • Inflatable MascotsGiant mascots are one of the most effective PR / advertising tools because they make a solid emotional connection and most definitely stand out in a crowd. These are just the things reporters love to capture on film.

The Marketing & Public Relations Power of Inflatables

Promoting a new product? Championing a cause? Landmark has the experience to create custom-made inflatables that are practically guaranteed to garner marketing/public relations attention.

Mobile Marketing- When you take your campaign on the road, make sure to notify the local press that you're coming. Send a personal invitation along with pictures of your inflatable from past events to synch their interest.
Cause Marketing - The media clamor to cover a good cause. Whether it's a press conference, fundraiser, protest or awareness rally; you'll draw bigger crowds of people and reporters when you use inflatables.

Want more creative inflatable marketing ideas? Visit our inflatables gallery today.

"This year’s event was the highest attended in some time, and the [inflatable] astronaut, front and center on our Portico, was a great visible draw from all over the area."

- Dennis Bateman, Carnegie Science Center

"We TRULY appreciate your service and excellent workmanship. We look forward to working with you all in the future!"

- Amanda Frith, Dalton Agency