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Uses for Custom Inflatables

Inflatables Offer Imaginative & Successful Promotion Ideas Regardless Where You Use Them

Flexible. Reliable. Attention-getting. Custom inflatables from Landmark Creations may very well be the perfect event marketing tool! From grand openings to parades and trade shows to public appearances, Landmark Creations gives you imaginative promotion ideas for marketing your products and services.

Parade Balloons: Make Your Parade Bigger Than Life With Inflatable Balloons & Floats

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Cameco Inflatable Displayed on Parade Float

Bigger-Than-Life Inflatables Boost Parade Fun & Excitement

Plain and simple: Parades are all about fun!  Parade floats, inflatable giant parade balloons and more come together with live bands, famous grand marshals and tons of people to create an atmosphere where only smiles exist. When you’re charged with creating inflatables & parade floats, ideas are as good as gold! Let Landmark Creations help. With over 22 years experience, you’ll find we are a valuable resource for your parade. 

Retail Promotions: Inflatables Boost Retail Promotions & Enhance Retail Store Marketing Efforts

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Inflatable at Retail Location

Bring More Excitement to Your Store with Clever Sales Promotion Ideas

Moving sale items quickly becomes easier when you use imaginative retail promotions. Creating just the right level of excitement in your retail store marketing helps customers get in a spending mood. Landmark Creations has helped boost the response to retail marketing/advertising for years with eye-catching inflatables.

Sports Marketing: Inflatables Are the Champions of Sports Marketing and Promotions

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Football Players Running Through University of Minnesota's Inflatable Football Tunnel

Inflatables Are the Champions of Sports Marketing and Promotions

In sports - public relations, marketing & advertising are what drive interest.  Interest drives crowds and crowds equate to press coverage, sponsorships, admission fees and more.  Whether it's pro, high school or college sports marketing, getting fans in the stands is the primary goal.  Without the emotional and financial support of those who love sports, team owners and schools would be left with nothing to cheer about.

Point of Purchase: Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Have Longer Lines with Inflatables

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Point of Purchase Inflatable Cars

Inflatables Produce Longer Lines at POP Displays

Want to have them standing in the aisles for your coupons, samples or promotions? You can when you incorporate inflatables into your point of purchase setup. Attract traffic outside the store or business and then direct visitors to your POP displays inside the store. Your point of purchase booth itself can be inflatable as can the giveaways that you hand to shoppers. And since Landmark Creations is known for quality, creativity, and value, the entire promotion will look great, pique the curiosity of customers and work wonderfully, event after event.

Public Relations: Inflatables Are Powerful Press Conference PR Tools

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Giant inflatable flag billboard makes a great backdrop for John Kerry's campaign tour.Inflatables Are Powerful Public Relations Tools That Create Important Photo Ops

Give your press conferences an enticing twist when you include inflatables from Landmark Creations. For over 20 years, we've been creating custom-made inflatables specifically designed to capture the attention of reporters and journalists who cover media events. The result is a significant amount of experience with creating important photo ops at your press conference. PR sometimes requires the use of kid gloves. We help you straddle the line between PR and advertising with tools that always warrant photographs.

Rooftop Balloons: Rooftop Advertising Balloons Draw Crowds from Miles Away

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CC's Coffee Cup Inflatable on Rooftop

Inflatable Rooftop Balloons Have the Power to Attract People from Miles Around

Height, color and size are the three basic elements that make rooftop advertising balloons so effective. Creativity, quality and experience are what make Landmark Creations the best choice for your custom-made rooftop balloons.  You have several forms of rooftop advertising to choose from. Each one will attract people from miles around while also withstanding the unique physical conditions inflatables are exposed to while on roofs.

Theme Events: Inflatables for Special Events Using Visual Marketing and Image Advertising

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Yellow Submarine Inflatable at Cruise Line Event

Coordinating Around A Theme? Inflatables for Special Events Can Match Any Theme You Choose

As a phenomenal tool for visual marketing and image advertising, cold-air inflatables for special events are always a hit. Not only do they quickly become the centerpiece of the festivities, they also are known for frequently landing at least a brief mention on the local news. Add to that the fact that inflatables can be made to match any theme imaginable, and you can easily see why they are well worth the investment.

Race Events: From Portable Starting Lines to Mobile Finish Lines, Inflatable Arches Have You Covered

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Race Participants Running Through SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE's Inflatable Archway

Portable Starting Lines Get Your Race off on the Right Foot

Whether you're hosting a 5K, 10K or full-blown marathon, there are two things your race can't do without- a beginning and an end.  Thanks to the flexibility of inflatable arches, using portable starting lines and mobile finish lines gives you an affordable way to kick things off while also promoting sponsors.

Sponsorship Events: Sponsors Get More Product or Brand Recognition at Events With Giant Custom Inflatables

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Inflatable Arch with Sponsors

Sponsorship Event Marketing with Inflatables Makes a Great Impression

From sporting events to local craft fairs, sponsorship event marketing gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward at special events.  The largest part of event planning revolves around getting your product or brand noticed by those in attendance.  That's why it's good to have Landmark Creations as an experienced ally when it comes to making a great impression.

Trade Show Displays: Custom Inflatables Create Huge Impact as Trade Show Displays

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Inflatable Earth Display at Trade Show

Inflatable, Portable Trade Show Booths Get You Noticed

Just imagine. An attendee walks into a massive convention center where he is immediately given a map of all the exhibitors. As he scans the room, all he sees is row after row of people, colors and signs. As he resigns himself to starting on one side and weaving his way through, his attention is captured by an inflatable trade show display in the middle of the room. Intrigued, he makes a beeline toward the exhibit which just happens to be yours!

"I was especially impressed with your ability to turn around such excellent work on very short notice, and at a fair price."

- Richard Stever-Zeitlin, General Mills

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center

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