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Increase Response Marketing at Nonprofit Events - 7 Tools

Posted in Marketing Articles: Using Advertising Inflatables

7 Proven Tools that Increase Marketing Response for Community & Nonprofit Events

Creating goodwill. Giving back. Celebrating your community. Raising funds for worthy causes. These and others are excellent reasons for participating in community events. But, marketing in these venues can be tricky. Will you get lost in the crowd? Are you able to attract attention?

Are the tools you've been using effective? Are they cumbersome to transport and set up? Do they work in the ways you want them to work? 

Let me share 7 easy-to-use tools that have been proven to increase your response when marketing at nonprofit events. 

  1. Parade Balloons - Imagine your mascot, towering 20 feet above the crowd, bearing a banner that shows your support of the community event. Noticeable, inviting and a powerful branding tool. 

  2. Inflatable Tents - Tents give you a more private environment to welcome guests. Covered (so they protect from rain or intense sun), inflatable tents allow you to set up tables or chairs, offer refreshments or register visitors to win prizes. What's more, you can add customized banners to the outside of your tent that correlate with the community event you're participating in.

  3. Sports Cages - What fun! Sports cages, soccer cages, pitching cages and more are always an instant hit. Expect a line. And when it forms, be prepared to accept donations, distribute marketing materials or educate onlookers about your important cause or occasion.

  4. Inflatable Kiosks - Constructing or renting kiosks can be expensive. They can also be cumbersome to move and offer limited functionality. When you order a customized inflatable kiosk, however, you'll get the best of both worlds.  Designed to your specifications, kiosks are a perfect fit for community events. Lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate, simple to transport or ship and they meet all your requirements because they were designed exclusively for you. Now giving away samples or selling products or services will be easier than you thought possible.

  5. Inflatable Movie Screens - Is it breast cancer awareness month? Host a community showing of Stepmom. Want to raise funds for local firefighters? Put Backdraft on the big screen. Inflatable movie screens are an excellent tool for marketing nonprofit events. Brand the screens with banners and you've got a captive audience.

  6. Inflatable Costumes - Here's a creative way to interact with crowds at fairs, parades, runs and other community events. Turn your mascot into an inflatable costume. Lightweight and fan-cooled, inflatable costumes allow for quick dress outs, highly flexible movements and hours of comfortable wear. What's more, crowds of adults and kids always get a kick out of them. 

  7. Sealed Inflatable Giveaways - Give them something to help them remember this special day. Key chains, product miniatures, balls and more can be branded with your message. They'll travel home with visitors and serve as a repeated reminder of your organization or cause.

Whether you're promoting a cause, celebrating a holiday, hosting an annual community event or marketing a nonprofit fundraiser, inflatables enhance the event and make your organization more memorable. 

Inflatable Polar Bear for Cause Marketing

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By Stephanie Meacham © 2009, All Rights Reserved