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Clever Ideas for Sponsorship Event Marketing

Posted in Creative Ideas: Marketing Tips for Using Custom Inflatables

Clever Ideas for Sponsorship Event Marketing

L5915 6506Let me ask you a question. What's the key to successful event marketing? Without a doubt, it's standing out in a crowd. Among the thousands of people milling around, you have to find some way to get noticed.  However, this seems to be a notion most people miss. Just look around at the next tradeshow you attend. Same old, tired exhibits are what you'll see at most booths. That's a shame because, with a little effort, custom inflatables can transform your exhibit from ordinary to outstanding.

When it comes to special events, size matters. So does color. Simply towering over the crowd gives you a strategic advantage with special event marketing. Added height gives you the ability to be seen across the convention hall: a fact that can draw attendees that might not have bothered to venture to your side of the room.

With a colorful display, such as an exact replica of your product, logo or mascot, you can instantly connect with those who are familiar with your brand as well as engaging the curiosity of those who aren't. 

How can inflatables be beneficial in specific event marketing situations?  Let me show you three examples.

#1 - Races - Inflatable arches are just the ticket if your event planning includes races and marathons. Place one arch at the starting gate and the other at the finish line. It all but guarantees you'll have a captive audience at two points during the event.

Are you the event coordinator? Inflatable arches can be crafted to include room for sponsor banners. The event board purchases the arch and then sells advertising space to recoup its investment (and more).

#2 - Trade Shows - As a sponsor of a trade show, you need to make a big impression. Consider these ideas: Inflatable kiosks for distributing samples. Custom-crafted overhanging displays that grab attention from high in the air.  Giant replicas of product packages. Walking mascots that greet visitors and hand out coupons. These are just a few event marketing ideas that work well at tradeshows.

#3 - Causes & Charities - Want to get your point across to special event visitors? Position an inflatable screening room on site that plays a video about the goals of the charity and why you chose to sponsor the event.  Want to add a little fun? Set up an inflatable sports cage. Visitors can donate dollars to try their luck. Proceeds go to your charity, of course.

Custom Inflatables Are Easily Transported

Event planning oftentimes needs to be mobile which makes inflatables an even more attractive choice. They deflate quickly, store and transport with ease and inflate at the new location in just minutes. No aggravating setup procedures. No degree in mechanical engineering necessary.

The next time you're sponsoring an event, think inflatables. Regardless of the venue, they'll contribute to the success of your marketing in more ways than you can imagine.

“The huge cereal bag could be seen from anywhere and was a nice draw to gather people to the tents we had set up.”

- Anika Hage, WatersMolitor

“Everywhere it goes, folks go out of their way to catch a glimpse of the colorful inflatable.”

- Brent Campbell, Enterprise Beverage Group, LLC