People who thrive in our environment:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are organized and analytical
  • Delight in problem-solving
  • Pay close attention to detail
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Like dogs
  • Can work independently, and also part of a team
  • Work well in a fast-paced environment
  • Learn new processes quickly
  • Enjoy variety

Fabricators / Custom Props Designers

Our fabricators create scenic props as part of our inflatable displays or use in live events, concerts, and theatre productions. These are individuals who enjoy tinkering and collaborating with our design & production teams to present solutions for projects.

Fabricators build components that allow our inflatables to perform well in the field, including:

  • LED Light Systems
  • mounts for fan/blower systems
  • harnesses & battery mounts for costumes
  • Rigging mounts
  • soft props (Sewn / glued)
  • hard props (plexiglass, wood, foam, aluminum, plastic)

Our fabrication team works with various mediums, including:

  • foam sculpting
  • carpentry, woodworking
  • welding, metalwork
  • plastic forming

In this economy, some people may think having any old job is good enough. We don't. We believe you should LOVE where you work and we do our level best to make sure that's the case. Oh, we work . . . and work hard, but we do it with an ounce or two of fun mixed in for good measure.

Why Work Here?

Fun, talented group who creates custom displays for A-List rock stars, artists, and corporate brands. An Inflatables Manufacturer With Over 35 Years Of Exceeding Our Customers' Expectations Since our inception in 1986, Landmark Creations has been an inflatable manufacturer that is managed and operated by its shareholders. This translates into an environment where our employees genuinely care about our customers by providing them with custom inflatables that never fail to exceed their expectations.

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