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Landmarketing Issue 15 - Summer 2005

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 15 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 15 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

As the dog days of summer set in, temperatures rise and we all start to slow down just a bit. Summer presents a challenge because most of us would rather be lounging by a pool than working.

The hot weather also presents several challenges to your inflatables. In the feature article, I'll tell you how to avoid damage to your balloon during the hotter months.

I also have some new case studies for you to help generate ideas for creative ways you can use your inflatables. And, last but certainly not least, Landmark has some groundbreaking news that you're sure to be excited about. Happy reading!

Tips and Tricks: Summer Weather Hazards for Inflatables

Summer brings its own set of challenges when it comes to inflatables. Heat isn't a problem for inflatables, but storms of various sorts can certainly do major damage. The most common threat to your inflatable during the summer months however, is wind!

Inflatable Case Studies:

Calgary International Children's Festival Whale

What fun! Kids at this festival loved listening to stories from inside the belly of a whale. Children could go sit, listen and learn. A creative and fun way to reach kids!

AG Edwards Inflatable Nest Egg

Used during an ongoing promotion to help clients plan for the future, the AG Edwards Nest Egg served as a symbol reminding others to plan for the future. Because financial planning can be complicated at times, the egg helped give a more friendly "face" to a compound subject.

Under Armour Inflatable Archway

Traveling the world, the next stop for the Under Armour Arch is a marathon in Japan. Just as it did in the U.S., the arch continued drawing crowds and reinforcing product and brand awareness to an international audience. 

Landmark Creations - In The News

Athletic Business Magazine - Landmark's inflatable sports tunnels were featured in the June 2005 issue of Athletic Business Magazine. The write-up also gave details of how schools and clubs can raise money for booster activities, teams or bands by selling advertising on the inflatables.

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations