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Landmarketing Issue 18 - Summer 2006

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 18 - Creative Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie  MeachamWelcome to Issue 18 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Ah! Summer!  Also known as "Inflatable Season." With more people outdoors during summertime, it only makes sense to ramp up your outdoor promotions. That means using your existing inflatables in innovative and creative ways or ordering new inflatables to add to your fleet. This newsletter can help with the former. Landmark Creations can help with the latter. Contact us today for details.

In addition to today's issue, we have two exciting releases for you to look forward to in the fall issue of Landmarketing.  Anybody who was able to get one of our prized 2006 Landmark calendars will be excited to know there's a 2007 version in the works. Yes, you'll get more Landmarks On Location inflatable marketing ideas and also more fun between our lovable mascots. Never had a Landmark calendar?  You've been missing out! Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted on when and how to get yours.

Discover Great Landmarks - Empire State Building

Last - but far from least - it's time to start pumping up your mouse-clicking finger.  You'll want to be in shape for the new release of our next animated game.  Dino and our creative engineers are at it again and there's no telling what they'll come up with.  The suspense is killing me!

Even A Girl Can Do It:  My Inflatable Installation Adventure

Often when people call Landmark they ask how difficult inflatables are to set up.  We usually tell them that basic installations require one to two people. Now, I'm not a large woman and I was able to do these set ups and take downs with minimum assistance. Don't get me wrong, I probably wouldn't attempt a rooftop installation alone and I'd certainly advise a do-it-yourselfer to get professional help for their first install.  As for tradeshows or ground installations, however, it's a very simple process and I was out to prove that once and for all.

Custom Inflatable Case Studies

Landmark Creations In The News

In a six-page spread in the June 2006 issue of Sign Builder magazine, Landmark President, Tom Meacham got some excellent coverage while discussing creative inflatables.  Outlining some of Landmark's most challenging projects, Tom talked about the Heisman Trophy, interactive inflatables. He also gave excellent advice to those trying to break into the inflatables rental business: be creative - don't follow the crowd.

A Walk Down Memory Lane - A Brief History of Landmark Creations

There are two birthdays coming up in August.  Baby Calvin (our son) is turning one and Landmark Creations will be 20!  Both are cause for dancing in the streets and both bring about an unexplainable urge to reminisce.

Enjoy this issue and I'll see you again in the fall.

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations 

"I liked the way Tom listened and shared his ideas with me so that I could use the canyon like I needed. Tom hit a home run with my model. His input made all the difference in the world"

- Laurie Henry, Trinity Science Solutions LLC

"Simply put, the bobbleheads were a real hit at TwinsFest. Over 21,000 fans attended the two-day event raising more than $100,000 for the Twins Community Fund charities."

- Heidi Sammon, Minnesota Twins