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Landmarketing Issue 26 - Summer 2008

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 26 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Landmarketing Issue 26 | Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Does it seem that life gets busier during the summer?  With graduations, weddings, family vacations and all those weekend barbecues; your calendar can get full quick!  In the rush, don't forget that you'll need to look ahead in order to get your inflatables designed and delivered in time for: Fall Events, Product Launches or Grand Openings, Football Season and Exhibitions at:

AAPEX Automotive Aftermarket (in November)

SEMA Automotive (in November)

In Store Marketing Expo (in November)

In case any of your promotions entail rooftop installations, we're offering a detailed look at the process from start to finish. You'll be strapped down, blown up and ready to sell in no time. 

And away we go!!

Case Studies: Creative Ways Our Customers Are Using Custom Inflatables

Inflatable Trade Show Display

Unique Inflatable Globe Breaks New Ground

When you think "inflatables" the first things that typically come to mind are product replicas, tents and sports tunnels. However, at Landmark Creations we recently used our capability to produce digitally printed artwork to craft a distinctive inflatable globe. Not the usual 360-degree round version, but a backlit unique inflatable with one flat side that was hoisted to the ceiling.


Inflatable Bucky Badger

Bucky Badger Inflatable Mascot Really Gets Around

Thanks to the University of Wisconsin's Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), the school now has a new inflatable mascot that's been turning heads all over campus. With student organizations, the homecoming committee, the alumni association and the athletic department clamoring for the Bucky character inflatable to make an appearance at their events, this 20-foot-tall tough guy has really been getting around.


Valenzano Inflatable Win

Valenzano Winery Product Replica Edges Out Competition

Anthony Valenzano had a problem. "We wanted to be noticed as a prominent winery among 25 competitors. We needed visible signage that stood out and made a grand impression. These events are always on open fields so wind has always been an issue with signage making many banners and stands not practical." What's a winery to do when they need to stand out in a crowd and be noticed? Of course, this is a perfect application for giant advertising balloon.


Tiger Mascot on Dealership

Mando the Inflatable Mascot Sells Suzukis

Over the course of several months, Suzuki car dealer, Pete Sanchez, and his young artist friend developed the concept for a mascot they could use in several ways. The reality of their efforts was Mando the tiger.  He started out as a costume and then moved into a caricature that stands in front of the children's play area at Katy Mills Mall (the most visited area of the mall since its grand opening in may of 07).  But Mando didn't stop there. Next he was transformed (with the help of Landmark Creations) into an inflatable mascot that towered 20 feet high.


The Professional's How-to Guide for Rooftop Installations of Inflatables

Rooftop installations of cold-air inflatables are not something to be taken lightly. They are not the same as helium rooftop installations or ground installations. Because of the sheer height involved and the special considerations a rooftop installation entails, you'll need to be extra cautious. This article will outline the necessary steps for rooftop installations.  However, if you own an inflatable or are thinking of buying one, I strongly suggest you hire a professional to conduct at least your first install.

McCain and Obama Inflatable Punching Bags

Sometimes Politicians Say the Dumbest Things!

Whether it's McCain flubbing the names of the Shiites and Sunnis or Obama saying he doesn't take special interest money then taking it; this historic election between experience and change is bound to get down and dirty before it's over. When you feel the tension building, we've got a fun-loving solution.


steph signature

Stephanie Meacham

Landmark Creations International

"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenge

"Our giant peach is brand new to us and will help us gain name recognition in our community at health fairs, county fairs, farm markets, school events and almost any event we take it to."

- Greg Stone, Peach Tree Healthcare