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Landmarketing Issue 27 - Autumn 2008

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 27 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Landmarketing Issue 27 | Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Is there a chill in the air, or is it just me?  These days, I find myself reaching for a sweater as I head outside.  As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to turn, it's time to focus on product and service promotions for fall and winter events.  Now is the time to think inflatables if you are:

- Promoting heavily for the holiday season
- Spending your last year-end budget dollars
- Pre-planning for next year's budget
- An automotive dealer looking ahead to the spring season

- Attending the Event Solutions Idea Factory on February 22–26.

Case Studies: Creative Ways Our Customers Are Using Custom Inflatables

Bushnell Inflatable Billboard

Bushnell Racks Up with Camo Mattress at Mobile Marketing Events

When Bushnell decided to take a stand as the world leader in outdoor technologies, it set out on the road during a massive nationwide mobile marketing campaign.  For months on end, Michael Waddell, host of the TV show Real Road Trips, has zigzagged across the country making stops at popular retailers such as Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops and others.  Where do inflatables come in?


Inflatable Washer & Dryer

GE Profile Washer & Dryer

New York City is world famous for having some of the most unusual sights and people in the world.  So it took a little doing to create something that would capture attention in this borough of the bizarre.  A giant, red, inflatable product replica did the trick!


Inflatable Road Runner

Road Runner Inflatable Mascot

What says "beep beep" and runs circles around other forms of mobile marketing?  The Road Runner, of course!  How do we know? Time Warner Cable has the pictures to prove it. They took their inflatable mascot on the road during their mobile marketing tour to build awareness and drum up new customers for their Road Runner high-speed cable service. First stop… Erie County Fair.


Inflatable Rattlesnake Sports Tunnel

Sharyland High School Rattlesnake Sports Tunnel

Cheerleaders are great! And bands are very entertaining, but if you really want to hear the fans scream, bring out an inflatable rattlesnake. The students, fans and faculty have all been wildly excited about their new custom inflatable sports tunnel.


Inflatable Doctor Mascot

Ashley Furniture Wellness Center "Big Guy"

When Ashley Furniture called and requested we make a smiley-faced doctor for their grand opening, we were a little confused.  A doctor for a furniture store?  Once they explained, it all made sense.


Inflatable Dog in Parade

Northern State Bank of Virginia Inflatable Dog

Otis the dog accompanies his owner, the President of Northern State Bank of Virginia, to work every day faithfully.  He's become quite a fixture and is considered one of the team.  In fact, Otis is so well loved, he's moved into the position of official bank mascot.  Because the public loves him so, his presence is often requested at community events.  But for such a small creature, crowds are not always a good thing.  Enter Otis the inflatable mascot.


The Failsafe Way to Create Buzz for a New Product Launch

Buzz. First introduced as a - well - "buzzword" in about 1998, it faded from the marketing vocabulary a few years later. However, with the explosion of Web 2.0 in recent years, the catchphrase is back in full force. What better way to describe the phenomenon of everyone chattering about your new product than "buzz”?

McCain and Obama Inflatable Punching BagsSometimes Politicians Say the Dumbest Things!

Whether it's McCain flubbing the names of the Shiites and Sunnis or Obama saying he doesn't take special interest money then taking it; this historic election between experience and change is bound to get down and dirty before it's over. When you feel the tension building, we've got a fun-loving solution. 

Positioning your products and services as the perfect solution for clients is more important this holiday season than ever. Inflatables of all types give you a leg up in all your marketing efforts, so you can pull a better response than with traditional marketing techniques alone.

Happy Holidays!


Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

Landmark Creations International

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center

"I chose Landmark Creations because they had a reasonable price for a customized inflatable. The other inflatables featured on their site made me confident that they could produce exactly what I was looking for."

- Sara Chadeck, KONO 101.1 FM