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Landmarketing Issue 30 - Summer 2009

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing 30 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome!

Summer's in full swing and you know what that means.  Kids are out of school.  Families head out on vacation.  And, Landmark Creations is gearing up for fall.  Yes, you read that right… fall.  We don't just have tons of fun around here; we also think ahead.  If you're planning Halloween, Thanksgiving or other fall events, upcoming product launches or grand openings, now's the time to place your order. Football season is fast approaching.  Schools and booster clubs should aim for placing inflatable football helmet and sports tunnel orders within the next few weeks.

Are you exhibiting at any of the upcoming tradeshows or expos? Think inflatables for these November events:

•    AAPEX Automotive Aftermarket 
•    SEMA Automotive
•    In-Store Marketing Expo

Still in summer mode?  Heads up… we've got some helpful inflatables for specific applications

Got zoning issues?  Costumes are all that and more.  Insert person, turn on batteries and you're completely mobile with your movable, personable mascot.  Pulling together a water event?  Arches (for start & finish lines), airtight pylons (safe, quiet, no power required), tents (onshore for shade) and more always make a big splash.


GI Medicine Inflatable Colon

GI Medicine Associates Educates with a Custom Inflatable Colon

Let's face it: Nobody wants to talk about colon cancer.  But educating the public is vital in order to keep this disease at bay.  How do you increase awareness without scaring people away?  In this case, you use a custom inflatable colon.


Inflatable Whale at DASEF Outreach Event

DASEF Sealed Inflatable, Juvenile Right Whales, Wilmer

There's nothing more effective when informing children, families and educators about endangered species than having the animal available at the event.  Since it would be virtually impossible to accomplish this feat with a live whale, a life-size sealed inflatable replica was a very convincing stand-in.


Inflatable Butter Kernel Corn Can

Butter Kernel Corn Can Inflatable Product Replica

Since 1895, Faribault Foods has been a canner of top-quality vegetables.  Having used Landmark Creations before for promotions tied to their S&W brand, Faribault commissioned an inflatable product replica of its Butter Kernel whole corn can.


Tristin Lowe's Inflatable Whale Art Installation

Tristin Lowe's 52-Foot Cold-Air Inflatable Whale

We at Landmark Creations feel all our inflatables are works of art. However, we must admit, we've never been asked to create a cold-air inflatable that would be used as an art exhibit.  You know us, if we're going to do something new, we're going to do it BIG!


Renton Western Wear Inflatable Cowboy Boot on Retail Location Rooftop

Renton Western Wear Inflatable Rooftop Balloon

The I-5 freeway in Tacoma, Washington, has approximately 50,000 cars zipping to and fro every day.  From cell phone calls to radios blasting to remembering to pick up the kids, drivers have a lot on their minds.  It would be easy for them to fly right by the Tacoma Mall exit without ever noticing Renton Western Wear.  Easy, that is, except for the giant cowboy boot on the rooftop.


Kankakee Auto Inflatable Advertising Blimp

Kankakee Auto Recyclers Inflatable Advertising Blimp

When you've got something special, you should show it off.  That's the attitude Kankakee Auto Recyclers has about their inflatable advertising blimp.  With multiple locations, their inflatable covers a lot of ground and functions in several capacities.


Mannatech Inflatable Product Replica

Mannatech OsoLean™ Canister Inflatable Product Replica

Talk about a photo opportunity! Mannatech approached Landmark Creations to develop a six-foot tall inflatable product replica of their newly launched OsoLean™ weight-loss product. The purpose?  To generate excitement.  Mannatech never imagined just how much excitement they would see.


Inflatable Gorilla

Big Gorilla Auto Sales Inflatable Mascot

When you look back over the history of inflatables, one thing that stands out is the inflatable gorilla. Today, that legendary icon is still performing well for businesses all across the country including one used-car dealership in Lakeland, Florida.


Inflatable Arch at Vacation Sports Racing Event

Vacation Sports & MinneFoto Moments Inflatable Archways

When it comes to races, Vacation Sports is the leader of the pack.  In addition to putting on about 20 of their own 5Ks, duathlons and triathlons every year, they also assist others with race production by providing equipment and other forms of help.  It seemed like they had it all together, but then they realized something was missing.Outdoor events, in and of themselves, are special just because they take place outside.  What many event coordinators may forget is that outdoor events require special care in several areas to ensure visitors remain comfortable and have fun.


Outdoor events, in and of themselves, are special just because they take place outside.  What many event coordinators may forget is that outdoor events require special care in several areas to ensure visitors remain comfortable and have fun.

Landmark Quick Start

We've worked hard to create a comprehensive website that gives you all the information you could possibly want on Landmark Creations.  However, if you're a bottom-line kinda person, try the Landmark Quick Start.  You'll get the gist of who we are, what we do and why you should buy inflatables from us.

Missed an issue of Landmarketing? Feel like you're lagging way behind? Check out the archive on our site to get back up to speed. You'll find feature articles from many past editions.

Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

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Stephanie Meacham

Landmark Creations International