Landmarketing Issue 31 - Autumn 2009



For those who are in retail, now is crunch time.  As you put the finishing touches on your Holiday 2009 campaigns, you'll want to take every opportunity to draw customers into your stores.

Inflatables are one of the most attention-grabbing, captivating marketing tools available.  And, because they are sturdy and reusable season after season, they deliver great value for your investment.

Here's something else that's noteworthy.

After 23 years, Landmark Creations is taking a fresh look at who we are. You'll start to see some visual improvements around our site BEGINNING with a brand-new logo.

Landmark Creations - Premier Custom InflatablesGoing forward, keep an eye out for our updated website with a more comprehensive, searchable database of our products and offerings.  We'll provide you with more videos of successful inflatable campaigns as well as instructional tips. Plus, you'll find better opportunities to engage with us using social networks. ("Like" Landmark Creations on Facebook.)

Now may be an excellent time for you to take a fresh look at your marketing efforts, too.  Step back and try to view your business like a new customer. Or ask a friend who is mostly unfamiliar with your business for his or her opinion. Is it time for a new inflatable?  Or to refresh the art on an existing inflatable? Give us a call.

Who needs to be thinking inflatables right now? Those who are:

  • Spending their year-end budget dollars

  • Pre-planning for next year's budget

  • Automotive dealers looking ahead to the spring season

Case Studies: See The Creative Ways Our Customers Are Using Inflatables! 

Inflatable Sweet Tea

Dean Foods' Clever Inflatable Product Replica Pulls Double Duty

Here's a clever idea: a double-sided product replica inflatable.  Because Shenandoah's Pride Dairy (owned by Dean Foods) is usually in a position to promote two products at the events they attend, they came up with the ingenious concept of two-sided custom inflatables.


Inflatable Billboard

Kramer Entertainment Save a Life Custom Inflatable Ovals

Did you know that 44% of 8th graders have tried alcohol?  Sixty-four percent of 10th graders have tried it.  And 77% of high school seniors have been drinking.  It's tragic.  Just a part of life?   No, but it could easily be a part of their death. Bringing awareness to this epidemic is what the National Save a Life Tour Alcohol Awareness Program is all about.


Inflatable Tiger Tunnel

Bay High School Inflatable Sports Tunnel Brings Fans to Their Feet

The fans make the game.  It's true with any sport.  While athletes love to use their talent and skill to compete, the crowds that gather around to watch and cheer make all the hard work worthwhile.  In an effort to boost team spirit even further, Bay High School enlisted the help of Landmark Creations to develop a custom inflatable sports tunnel.


Inflatable Arch at Triathlon

Tuxedo Brothers' Inflatable Arch Adds a Professional Touch to Triathlon Events

When your goal is to benefit service and charity organizations, you have to put your best foot forward.  For Tuxedo Brothers Event Management, that meant portraying a professional image right down to the appearance of the start line.


Event Design Magazine



Landmark got some ink this month as I was interviewed for an article entitled “Blowin' Up: What You Need to Know about Big Inflatables” in Event Design magazine.  We also picked up a mention in Event Marketing magazine.  Check out the full articles on our website.




Inflatables Give Extra Lift to Franchise Marketing Efforts

Franchises benefit from corporate advertising such as television and radio spots, coupons, newspaper inserts and more.  But individual franchisees can't expect to succeed by resting on the efforts of others or broad-sweeping efforts performed in a catchall fashion.  It's up to you, as the local franchise owner, to coordinate and implement marketing campaigns that will rally favor within your community.


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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

Stephanie Meacham

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