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Landmarketing Issue 32 - Winter 2010

landmarketing issue 32 cover - winter frostWelcome!

For those who are in retail, now is crunch time. As you put the finishing touches on your Holiday 2009 campaigns, you'll want to take every opportunity to draw customers into your stores.

Inflatables are one of the most attention-grabbing, captivating marketing tools available. And, because they are sturdy and reusable season after season, they deliver great value for your investment.

What happens when you place a giant Komodo dragon on a rooftop, invite people to walk through the human colon and enlist a monkey to peddle pizza? You gain a lot of attention and business! You'll find these and other idea-generating case studies in this issue of Landmarketing, plus a thought-provoking reminder about the importance of excellent customer service.

Who needs to be thinking inflatables right now?

  • Financial or tax prep offices

  • Boat show, Home show & expo planners

  • Spring & summer sports coaches & managers

  • Other product/service promoters with spring events

  • Exhibitors at POPAI / Globalshop, NAB & EMS

Case Studies: See The Creative Ways Our Customers Are Using Inflatables! 

Inflatable Komodo Dragon

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Komodo Dragon

He's not cute and cuddly, but he's definitely a traffic-stopper. Drivers on their daily commutes got a wake-up call when they noticed something a bit strange atop the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.  From the looks of it, a giant Komodo dragon was peering over the top of the building down on the world below.  Of course, it wasn't a real dragon… just a very lifelike inflatable character.


Inflatable Cranberry Costume

Rider University Cranberry King Inflatable Costume

Cranberries and college may not seem to have a natural affinity at first glance.  However, Rider University has a long historical connection with this fruit.  Andrew J. Rider introduced the cranberry to the Queen of England who then dubbed him "Cranberry King of New Jersey."  In addition, school colors are cranberry and white.


Inflatable Rumpshaker Colon

Rumpshaker 5K Inflatable Colon

Rumpshaker, Inc. is determined to raise awareness of colon cancer in a non-threatening way.  Their message?  Colon cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable with proper screenings.  What's more, the process of routine scans isn't as horrible as many have made it out to be.


Inflatable Shaving Cream

Barbasol Shaving Cream Custom Inflatable Product Replica

After Barbasol decided to construct a new manufacturing plant in Ashland, Ohio, the next logical step was to invite the press to their groundbreaking ceremony. Since initially the shaving cream icon only had an open field, it was rather difficult to give directions to company officers, city officials and the media. That's one reason Barbasol contacted Landmark Creations to develop their custom inflatable product replica.


Inflatable Monkey

Gooey Pizza's Inflatable Mascot Monkey Makes Pizza Memorable

Smart business owners and managers understand the cardinal rule of marketing: know thy target audience. Jesse Thomas of Gooey Pizza is just such a person. "Our market is mostly younger children, so a 12-foot-tall inflatable monkey really seemed to work. We were going for the 'wow' factor."  And they got it!


MGM Inflatable Snowman

Players Club Holiday Gift Shoppe Snowman & Toy Soldier Inflatable Characters

When you're decorating for a casino/hotel of the highest caliber, you pull out all the stops. That's why the MGM Mirage decided inflatable advertising balloons would be the perfect addition to the Players Club Holiday Gift Shoppe located on site.  Stretching 10-feet tall, the snowman and toy soldier made a huge impression and spread holiday cheer to all who attended the event.


Customer Service Is Priority One

It's been three years since noticeable economic changes covered the landscape in the U.S.  For many companies, lowering prices, cutting staff and reducing inventory became necessities.  However, something else often changed during the process: customer service levels declined.

I've seen it as I've shopped, dined and conducted business in my own town.  As a consumer, I've noticed bigger lines, longer hold times and less responsive sales reps.  I've seen the relationship aspect of business trickle and personal attention turn a little less warm.


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 Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

Stephanie Meacham
Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations