Landmarketing Issue 33 - Spring 2010



Spring is a busy season for virtually every industry. Winter loses its frosty grip and people begin doing instead of just sitting.  Whether for sports or event marketing (or anything in between), inflatables bring you better results than ordinary signage or banners.  For instance:

Archways - Perfect for warmer weather activities including marathons, triathlons, bicycle races, outdoor events, festivals and more.

Costumes - Bring your mascot to life with a lightweight, cool inflatable costume.

Sports Tunnels - If football and other sports are your bag, now's the time to plan and order your inflatable sports tunnel.

We'll need to have your project in the works no later than June to guarantee delivery by fall.

Doing a little mobile marketing? Now is also the time to move if you need inflatables for:

  • FMI Show - May

  • TS2 - July

  • Event Marketing Summit -  May 

If these or other events are on your agenda, contact us now. We offer free estimates and proposal illustrations that help support your efforts when pitching inflatables to management and/or clients. We love a good challenge! Tell us about your ideas today.

Case Studies: See The Creative Ways Our Customers Are Using Inflatables! 

Inflatable Marlin Costume

Customers Ask for Car Wash Express's Marlin Character Inflatable

Fast, friendly and wet… few things could be a more appropriate representative of a speedy car wash than a marlin.  That's precisely why Car Wash Express chose this creature as its front man (front fish?).  Standing about eight-feet tall, the marlin is the latest addition to the marketing department of this high-volume wash.


SONIC Drive-In Inflatable

Sonic Combo Inflatable Product Replica Has Parade Goers Licking Their Lips

As the old song goes, "I love a parade!"  Who doesn't?  They are lots of fun for onlookers and for participants.  Just ask Sonic who regularly uses an inflatable product replica of their SuperSONIC Combo to entertain crowds.


Max Credit Union Inflatable Logo

MAX Credit Union's Giant Logo Is Easily Spotted

The goal was simple.  MAX wanted a way to get noticed at events.  Something simple.  Something professional.  Something immediately recognizable.  But with so many choices, which would be the best option?


Inflatable Whale

NOAA Makes a Big Impact on Right Whale Conservation with its 22-Foot, Airtight Inflatable

It's always sad to hear of a species in danger.  Thankfully, we have organizations such as NOAA Fisheries Services that step up to offer protection and preservation of our nation's living marine inhabitants.  One of their most pressing causes currently is the North Atlantic Right whale.


Southeastern Med Inflatable Colon

Southeastern Med Wins Best of Show with Colon-Shaped Inflatable Tunnel

Even though colon cancer is serious business, Southeastern Med discovered that many people are more open to education about this disease when presented in a less-scary manner.  That's what brought about their commissioning Landmark Creations to develop a cold-air, colon-shaped inflatable tunnel.


Inflatable Rhino

The Busy Schedule of Rinox's Inflatable Mascot, Rocco the Rhino

Who would have thought a rhino could be so loveable?  Yes, this 10- x 16-foot character inflatable is in high demand by concrete product manufacturer Rinox, Inc.  With his own personal agenda, Rocco the Rhino has standing annual engagements.  He makes appearances for Rinox at tour trade shows, the yearly fundraiser golf tournament and at Rinox's hockey and soccer tours.


Inflatable El Paso Tent

Inflatable Tent Gets El Paso Corporation Noticed at Events

Sometimes our best salespeople are the inflatables themselves.  The good folks at El Paso Corporation saw a domed inflatable tent being used by a vendor at an event in which they were participating. They instantly knew that this was what would make the difference in their events.


Inflatable Colon


Inflatable colons have become quite an effective new tool for educating people about the preventability of colon cancer.  One of Landmark's latest creations was recently featured in the news on CBS affiliate WCCO. 



Inflatables Give 3 Powerful Advantages to Mobile Marketing Tours

If you've participated in mobile marketing tours for very long, you've seen what it takes logistically to be successful.  Booths or exhibits that are all two-dimensional and the same height become invisible once the room fills with a crowd of attendees.  Stagnant displays of pictures or ordinary signage fade into the background in a sea of exhibits that only offer static imagery.  But inflatables naturally overcome the biggest roadblocks in promotional marketing: mobile or otherwise.


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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

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