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Landmarketing Issue 36 - Winter 2011

Winter in Minnesota


Happy (Belated) New Year, Now Back To Work

With the festivities of the holidays behind us, everyone at Landmark is in full-tilt production mode. Minnesota's blizzards and sub-zero temperatures keep us indoors while the mad rush of event marketers with creative projects for the new year keep us happily challenged.

Even though the rush of activity has caused me to send your newsletter somewhat belated, something about that nose-to-the-grindstone productivity really appeals to my German ancestry.

Do your plans include event marketing? If so, you're probably already planning for summertime events.  If you're waist deep in festival calendars and first quarter scheduling you need to choose options that bring about the best returns. For the most fun and interaction with visitors (as well as the biggest bang for your buck) include inflatables like sports cages, kiosks, archways for races, inflatable pylons for water events and more.

You'll want to get your quotes and place orders soon to guarantee delivery of your inflatables in time for the summer rush. Need ideas? You'll get a completely fresh batch when you read our recent case studies, new marketing articles and latest Ask Landmark videos.


Inflatable Colon Banner

Custom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Encourages Colon Screenings

How do you fight a disease with practically no symptoms?  With screenings, early and often.  That's the message Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates is spreading everywhere they go.  Certainly it makes sense that medical professionals would want to help save lives by educating.  But most people are simply squeamish about discussing such matters.


Ultimate Block Party Archway

Inflatable Archway Guides Attendees of the Ultimate Block Party to all the Fun

What do search engine giant, Google, and toy-maker, Hasbro, have in common?  They both encourage their employees to play... on the clock. They've learned from experience that one of the best ways to generate a creative and innovative atmosphere is to allow employees to pursue the activities that lead toward this type of thinking.  A.k.a. play.


Hot Stuff Foods Inflatable

Promotional Inflatable Logo is Really Hot Stuff

What is tall and visible and red all over?  An inflatable logo pizza slice, of course!  Hot Stuff Foods (an international foodservice franchisor specializing in high-quality pizza and sandwiches) typically calls convenience stores, universities, hospitals and military bases home.  In order to help their franchisees generate more business, they provide a 10-foot-tall promotional inflatable shaped like a pizza slice.


Inflatable Fire Extinguisher

Inflatable Fire Extinguisher Product Replica Gets Rave Reviews

Who would have thought that something so unobtrusive would bring about such a reaction?  Usually found tucked away under a sink or in a closet, fire extinguishers are the unsung heroes during a blaze.  The cold air inflatable versions we designed and produced for Georgia State University's Office of Emergency Management Fire Safety Section, however, were anything but unobtrusive.


Inside of Inflatable Colon Tunnel

Inflatable Colon Tunnel Promotes Community Outreach & Education

Take one look at the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and you'll notice something quickly... they have a passion for education. There's good reason for that.  Many forms of cancer can be treated more diligently or completely prevented with proper education and early screenings. Such is the case with colon cancer.


1st Quarter Event Planning

I've found from experience that early planning makes a huge difference in how the year turns out.  If you have questions or ideas you want to discuss, contact us today.  We crave new challenges and love cranking up the wattage on our thinking caps. We look forward to brainstorming with you! 

Missed an issue of Landmarketing? Feel like you're lagging way behind? Check out the archives on our site to get back up to speed. You'll find feature articles from many past editions. 

Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

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Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations