Landmarketing Issue 39 - Autumn 2011

Art Installation of David Byrne's Inflatable GlobeWelcome to Landmarketing - Fall Issue 39

As we transition from summer to fall, we’ve seen lots of changes. Three new product lines have been added and it just so happens that we’ve conquered the world. 

After 25 years in business, we’re maturing, and so are our product offerings.  For example, if your marketing efforts deal with fine art, wildlife or health education, you’ll want to click over to the Landmark Creations site and check out our newest product lines. 


From realistic, life-size wildlife to fine art captured in the inflatable medium to health education tools and more, you now have three new ways to attract droves of traffic with inflatables.

Landmark in the News

If you told us that one day we’d literally take the world and stuff it, we wouldn’t have believed you. But, sure enough, here we are with proof that you can conquer the world (in inflatable fashion anyway) and stick it in the strangest of places.

Have a look at the pics we uploaded to our Facebook page.


Fat Cat at Teamsters Protest

Teamsters Employ Outdoor Inflatable Fat Cat to Make Their Point

When you represent and protect the rights of millions of workers across the United States, public events such as press conferences and protests become part of the job.  The Teamsters Union understands that making an emotional connection is something a giant inflatable does best. That's one reason they chose to enlist the help of a huge, 15-foot balloon.


The Cure Starts Now Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Archway Helps "The Cure Starts Now" Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer

It's heartbreaking when children are taken from us too soon.  But thankfully there are those with the passion and determination to do whatever it takes to prevent future tragedies.  This is where one Ohio-based organization stepped in.


Texas School Flag

East Central Hornets Buzz the Field through Their Inflatable Football Tunnel

Even the youngest sports fans and athletes (kindergarten – sixth grade) understand the exhilaration of exploding onto the field through an inflatable football tunnel.  This sense of school pride is part of the reason the East Central Independent School District enlisted the help of Landmark Creations to develop their 16.5-foot high sports tunnel.


 Colon at Outdoor Community Event

Outdoor Inflatable Colon Doubles Foot Traffic

The curiosity level is enormous as inquisitive passersby stroll up to the 20-foot pink tube. Rather peculiar-looking from the outside, most people tend to gradually work their way up to this long, interesting display.




Social Media on Laptop

What’s your pleasure?  Tweeting?  Linking in? Checking in? Liking? Plus-ing? Friending?  Tell us which ones you use, then connect with us on your favs.  You’ll find that a constant and fresh stream of creative inflatable marketing ideas is just a click away.

You know, the majority of our ideas come from you.  The brainstorming sessions we have with clients, the feedback you provide on Facebook and other sites… it all works to generate more creative ideas for marketing tactics and new inflatable products. Have something you want to say?  Contact us now!


Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

Stephanie Meacham
Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations

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