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Landmarketing Issue 42 - Summer 2012

Alphabet Bash 2012 NewsletterWelcome to Landmarketing Summer 2012!

Can you believe this heat wave? I don't know about your state, but here in Minnesota we've had a record number of 100+ degree days. What's more, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), this is the hottest summer on record nationwide. (Maybe we should start manufacturing inflatable fans!) 

Are you coming to the Alphabet Bash August 9th? We'll be there! If you're a Twin Cities' MARCOM professional and plan to be at the event, I wish you'd stop by and say, "Hello." As a local inflatables manufacturer who's right here in town we'd love to get to know you.

We're sponsoring a balcony and will have a balloon artist on hand to make super-cool balloon dogs. Capture the moment by getting your picture taken with your balloon dog then bring it home (or to your office!) as your new, best-buddy.

But that's not all. We'll have lots of fun prizes to give away from local, Minnesota companies during & after the event. Click here to find out 3 ways you can walk away with some serious swag!

In this issue of Landmarketing, you'll find an enormous selection of case studies to get your creative juices flowing. From superheroes to prehistoric creatures, there's a bit of everything in this marketing smorgasbord.




Mosasaurus Inflatable Dinosaur

Inflatable Mascot Brings the Mosasaur Back to Life

What the heck's a mosasaur and why would you want one as your mascot? Because this type of dinosaur was an extinct marine reptile and dominant predator in its time. The excitement kids have for prehistoric creatures combined with the nature of the East Dakota Water Development District made it a perfect match.


Inflatable Whale

Life-Sized Wildlife Replica Amazes Kids & Inspires a Love of Ocean Animals

Kids love to see Cynde McInnis coming. That's because this whale enthusiast brings ultra-cool stuff with her when she arrives at their schools. By combining something fun with something educational, children are captivated and inspired to learn about the oceans and the animals that live in them. All this education comes in the form of a life-sized wildlife inflatable "whalemobile."


Jingle Bell Run

Inflatable Archway Helps People Overcome the Effects of Arthritis

Every single one of us probably knows at least one person who has arthritis. From your cousin who gets a twinge in her knee from time to time to your grandfather who can predict the weather more accurately than the weatherman, arthritis is everywhere. That's why the Arthritis Foundation goes to great lengths to support the 50 million Americans living with this leading cause of disability.


Inflatable Colon

Giant Inflatable Colon Takes on New Educational Roles

With the boom in popularity, the giant inflatable colon is quickly becoming the gold standard of health education. Chances are, if you've attended a health fair lately, then you've seen one. However, as the interest in these custom inflatables grows, organizations are finding new ways to use them.


E-Z Rent to Own Inflatable Mascot

Let's Face It: Cold-Air Inflatables Are Just Fun!

When it comes to mobile marketing, E-Z Rent to Own knows how to do it right. About eight years ago they purchased two 20-foot-tall Captain E-Z cold air inflatables. These blow-up, monster-sized promotional balloons were tasked with some heavy lifting when it came to marketing.


Aquarium Inflatable Whale

Saving the Whales Is Now a Visual Experience for NC Aquarium Visitors

Over 427,000 visitors each year come to the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher to have a bit of fun. But the aquarium offers far more than the chance to peer underwater at the fascinating creatures. It also delivers educational opportunities for kids and adults.


Inflatable Colon

Inflatable Colon Makes it Easier to Discuss Colorectal Cancer

If a simple test could prevent a very common form of cancer altogether, would you take it? Then why do so many people avoid having a colonoscopy done? One reason is that the colon is not a topic people are too comfortable talking about. Another is fear: if I have the test, the doctors might find something.



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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

Best Regards,
Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations