Landmarketing Issue 43 - Autumn 2012

Autumn Issue of LandmarketerWelcome to the Autumn 2012 Issue of Landmarketing!

What's your message?  What do you most want to convey to your customers, prospects and fans?  Taking that communication and putting it into visual form is what inflatables are all about. 

Yes, some companies do this using modular, build-on inflatables.  But not Landmark.  That's because we believe your inflatable should be every bit as customized as your message.  Achieving superior results simply doesn't happen when using cookie-cutter foundations.

When you don't want imagination or creativity to be hindered by design restrictions, truly customized inflatables are the only way to go.  In this "Getting Ready for 2013 Marketing Edition" you'll find a large cache of case studies that walk you through recent success stories.  Learn from them…  mimic them.  Then experience this level of achievement for yourself.




Clayton Homes Dinosaur Mascot

Bedrock + Dinosaurs = Luxury Manufactured Homes

When someone says "bedrock" and "dinosaurs" your first thought is probably Fred Flintstone. But Fred never had a house like this! Clayton Homes General Manager, Don McCann, explains that they chose the dinosaur because of the name of their new line of manufactured homes: Bedrock. "These are unique in our market as they feature granite countertops."


Moonshine Inflatable

Ole Smoky Inflatable Product Replica Moonshine Jar

Selling moonshine? Yep! And fully licensed to do it, too. In fact, the folks at Ole Smoky are the first to be federally licensed to distill spirits in East Tennessee. And to be clear, we are talking about white lightning (among other things).


Inflatable Gecko

Country's Best-Known Lizard Goes Large as a Cold Air Inflatable Mascot

When you've created one of the most recognizable characters in advertising history and made him a national TV celebrity, what's your next step? Take advantage of that popularity and turn the little fellow into a giant, cold air inflatable!


GVSU Sports Tunnel

Fans Leap to their Feet as Grand Valley State Explodes through an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Imagine, if you will, a football game that takes place in silence. With the exception of the players, coaches and officials; no one else makes a sound. While the game would go on as usual, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun for the fans or team without cheers from the crowd.


Motor Replica

TMEIC Stops Traffic at Expo with their Inflatable Replica

Every year the National Mining Association hosts the MINExpo. According to their website you'll "see everything from the industry’s largest equipment to hand tools; the latest in automation and robotics; safety and communications equipment; longwall mining equipment; engines and parts; materials handling and processing equipment and services; pollution control equipment; reclamation equipment and services; computer applications; consulting and financial services, and much, much more."


Carl's Jr Happy Star Inflatable

The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Makes People Hungry

Here's a little Marketing 101 for you. The purpose of creating a brand is to increase familiarity to such a point that exposure to the brand brings about instant recognition. This can happen with words… a jingle… or an inflatable billboard of a giant, smiling star. Such is the case with Carl's Jr. restaurants.


Inflatable Beer Mug

Link Associates Uses its Inflatable Product Replica to Promote Beer, BBQ and a Better Life

Every person in this world deserves to feel important, appreciated and needed. That's the basic premise behind the founding of Link Associates (Link) back in 1953. As the largest community-based provider of services to adults and children with intellectual disabilities, including mental retardation and autism, Link is providing these people with opportunities to achieve their personal goals.


Hope Through Grace Colon

Hope Through Grace Gets the Point Across with an Inflatable Colon

If a picture's worth a thousand words, just imagine the communication value of a giant, inflatable colon. Hope Through Grace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising health awareness about colorectal cancer and its prevention, recognized the power of inflatables when used for education.


Trax Tires Inflatable

Tires & Tailgating Are a Winning Combination for this Inflatable Billboard

If you want to attract lots of attention while tailgating, follow Trax Tires' example. Using their inflatable billboard, Trax sets up a tailgating tent at all University of Southern Alabama home football games. But it's no ordinary tent. It's an entire community.


Inflatable Earth in Parade

Cameco's Custom Cold Air Inflatable Educates Parade Goers

When you work in an industry that's complicated to explain, oftentimes it's easier to use visuals. Cameco Resources overcame this communications hurdle with the help of a custom cold air inflatable from Landmark Creations.


Jeffrey Einhorn Art Installation

Artist Jeffrey Einhorn Deflates his Inflatable Artwork… On Purpose

Typically, when we are commissioned to create inflatable artwork, the project is designed to remain inflated. However, Jeffrey Einhorn, a New York artist, asked us to design an inflatable head that would gradually deflate over time. Why? To make a point via his exhibition at The Warehouse Gallery.


Behr Inflatable Polar Bear

The Behr Bear Custom Inflatable Mascot

What would you do if you saw a polar bear on the streets? Under ordinary circumstances, you'd run for your life! With the Behr custom inflatable mascot however, you can run in and join the celebration. This party animal gets around! Behr Iron & Metal (a metal recycling company) uses their polar bear mascot at customer appreciation events. There are also plans for an appearance at the grand opening for their newest location.



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