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Landmarketing Issue 44 - Winter 2013

Landmark's Top 10 Inflatables of 2012Landmark's Best of 2012 Inflatables

As we move into a new year, we can't help but look back at what made 2012 so special for us.  It was difficult (to say the least) to choose only 10 out of all our favorites, but we managed after only a few sleepless nights.

Something that made the finalists special was a truly unique perspective on their event/product.  While inflatables are known for stopping people in their tracks, the effect can be compounded when you step outside the box a bit.

From zombies named "Phil" to giant projection screens in unique shapes to inflatables that are designed to deflate, all of these draw on our sense of curiosity, wonder and surprise.

Take a look at the highlights from 2012 and see what interesting ideas you can use for your 2013 marketing campaigns.

Top 10 Inflatables of 2012


Inflatable Zombie

Let Your Inner Zombie Out with an Inflatable Mascot

Saying that the Zombie Pub Crawl is the time of your life is a bit of an oxymoron.  Zombies, after all, are dead. Nonetheless, for one night a year residents and visitors from far and wide are invited to let their inner zombies run free in the streets of Minneapolis for an evening of semi-civilized mayhem.


Thunderbird Tunnel

RFK High School Rules the Field with Their Inflatable Sports Tunnel

If you ask Les Lucas, Athletic Director of Robert F. Kennedy High School, why the school uses their inflatable sports tunnel, he'll tell you it's for athletic team motivation and increasing fan attendance at athletic events.  And he'd be right!


Cobra Stage Prop

"Aladdin" Thrills Audiences with the Help of an Inflatable Stage Prop

If you were one of the lucky ones who attended Perth Amboy High School's production of "Aladdin," you saw firsthand the magical transformation of the evil Jafar into a wicked cobra right before your eyes.  How could a high school afford such elaborate stage props?  Because Jafar isn't the only one capable of a little magic!


MWR Bowling Pin

My Promo Planet Resells Inflatable Product Replicas to the U.S. Army

Why do you call an inflatable manufacturer? Most of the time it's because your company, organization or cause needs a high-quality, custom inflatable. Product replicas, mascots, banners and more are common for use with trade shows, mobile marketing and press conferences. However, agencies and other resellers are contacting Landmark Creations more often than ever to commission inflatable product replicas and other advertising balloons on behalf of their clients.


Devil Duck Character

Greenville County Puts a Twist on a Childhood Symbol to Raise Awareness

When you think of children splashing in the tub, what immediately comes to mind? A rubber ducky, of course!  But the Greenville County Soil and Water Division puts a unique twist on this childhood symbol of innocence and fun.



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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

Stephanie Meacham
Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations