Landmarketing Issue 45 - Spring 2013

Landmarketing Issue 45 - All About You

Welcome to Landmarketing Issue 45 - it's all about you 

Giving back is one of our mantras. Sure, we're a business and we do what we do to make money.  Our focus, however, isn't on us: it's on YOU.  We're firm believers in the old saying that, if we help our clients succeed, we'll succeed.

Did you know there are three primary ways (in addition to making your premier inflatables) we can help you gain more exposure?  If you haven't been in touch with us about these, here's your formal invitation.


Newsletter Case Studies - The case studies you see in Landmarketing every quarter are based on actual client experiences. These folks simply document their experiences with Landmark Creations, let us know the details of how and where the inflatable was used, and send us pictures.  We do the rest!  If you'd like to be considered for a case study, contact us now for possible inclusion in the summer issue.

Social Media - We've worked hard to create a strong social presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can be the focus of the buzz if you keep us up to date about how you're using your Landmark Creations inflatables.

Recommendations - We're always happy to refer others to your business, as appropriate.

Let us know which of these would be most helpful to you!

On this same theme, we've got something very exciting for you below.  Just one more way we can help you reach your goals.  Read on!



Guggenheim Museum Inflatable Exhibit

The Guggenheim Goes Inflatable with an Imaginative Museum Exhibit

As the Guggenheim art museum displays the works of the Gutai: Splendid Playground, it seems only fitting that they would move beyond the conventional when presenting the various works of art. The founder of Japan’s most influential avant-garde collective of the postwar era, Jirō Yoshihara, led his troupe with the mantra, "Do what no one has done before."


Komen Inflatable Archway

Local Affiliate for Komen Race for the Cure Uses Inflatable Archway for Breast Cancer Fundraising in Florida

Battling a disease that affects so many women nationwide takes help from affiliates across the country. As part of the world's largest and most progressive grassroots network fighting breast cancer, the South Florida affiliate of the Komen Race for the Cure has invested over $11.6 million in community breast-health programs in the local area, 75% of which stayed in South Florida.


Endoscopy Institue Colon

Seeing Is Believing When You Use an Inflatable Colon that Enlightens and Educates

Some organizations conduct seminars. Others host concerts. Still more run in their skivvies all for the cause of colon cancer prevention. Every effort to spread the word takes us a step closer to saving lives. However, one of the best ways to instill the seriousness of this disease is by show and tell.


Inflatable AC Product Replica

Lennox Has a "Fantastic" Launch, Thanks to an Inflatable Product Replica

When you're launching a product, nationally achieving certain goals becomes a priority. In the top five are creating buzz and capturing attention. You want all eyes on you, as you unveil your latest offering to the world. Lennox Industries, a leading OEM provider of residential and commercial HVAC equipment, understood this all too well.


Inflatable Pulse Vacuum

CDCLarue Industries' Inflatable Trade Show Display Increased Traffic 30%

What's black and red and a top-flight traffic magnet at trade shows? The Pulse-Bac inflatable product replica. This 8-foot-tall, lifelike marketing balloon has been described as a crowd pleaser, a photo op and a social media goldmine.


Inflatable Mini Colon

Mini Inflatable Colon Educates Southwest Alaskan Residents about Colon Health

Alaska is truly a frontier. With a heritage of remote wilderness areas populated by native Eskimos, many of the regions are still difficult to reach. While bigger cities have transformed into tourist destinations, many of the residents live in areas only accessible by planes.


Inflatable Dog Character

KONO Hits Listeners with a Rockin', Rollin' Inflatable Mascot

Super-cool in his shades and bright-red T-shirt, Top Dog is the perfect representative for KONO 101.1, San Antonio's greatest hits. As an inflatable mascot, the cold-air, stationary version of Top Dog stands 12 feet high and is plenty capable of casting his promotional shadow for miles.


Inflatable Snowboard Boot

What Does a Giant Inflatable Replica Have in Common with a Snowboard Contest?

Answer: They both focus on creativity and style. According to, " Vans … is launching a brand new and somewhat revolutionary new contest this year: the Hi-Standard Series that is all about expressing your individual style and creativity instead of the old spin to win."


Inflatable Astronaut

Carnegie Science Center Gets a Little Spacy with Cold-Air Inflatables

Most of us learn better when we can actually do something. Watching and listening are great, but to get a real grasp on how things work and what impact they have on our lives, it's hands-on all the way. Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh couldn't agree more.



CDC Approved Inflatable Colon

Now here's some awesome gratification that your work has a positive impact on humanity. The Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Preventing Chronic Disease journal (Volume 10, March 21, 2013) published research mentioning Landmark Creations by name as the manufacturer of giant inflatable colons. We're excited about what they determined.

"Our evaluation data suggest that the giant inflatable colon is a promising community-level intervention that provides a novel population-based strategy for increasing CRC (colorectal cancer) screening and prevention. Furthermore, the colon model appeared to be equally effective for men and women, people of all ages, and Alaska Native and non-Native community members in all 3 domains surveyed (knowledge, intention, and social support). This tool encourages CRC screening and could ultimately help to decrease illness and death from this preventable disease."

So proud! 


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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions.

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