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Landmarketing Issue 46 - Summer 2013

Landmarketing Issue 46 Cover Welcome MatWelcome, Have a Look Around!

We have a new website and we think you're gonna love it! With more intuitive navigation and faster load time, you'll find your way around in no time. In addition to the appearance and speed, we've added some cool tools to make your job easier.

Improved online catalog with larger images for better viewing.
• On-the-fly planning and collaboration using social sharing tools.
• Easier-to-find information.
• Expanded help and instructions area. (Coming this fall.)

Overall, you'll have a faster way to brainstorm ideas, get quotes, and rock your future event marketing appearances!

Case Studies: See the creative ways our customers are using inflatables!


Inflatable Product Replica Pumps Up the Dalton Agency's Food Marketing Strategy

What's 20 feet tall, weighs 80 pounds and makes your mouth water? An inflatable product replica of McDonald's new McWrap. In a sea of vans, tents and people, the Dalton Agency needed a clever way to capture attention from far and wide for its client (McDonald's) at events. The agency decided on an inflatable product replica of McDonald's new McWrap because the shape, size and color gave the restaurant a competitive edge in a crowd.



MIMMI Inflatable Art Displays the Pulse of Minneapolis in a Cloud

To describe it, you might think someone was talking about a 1970s mood ring.  While MIMMI is, in fact, circular and does detect moods, it is certainly more contemporary than any ring ever hoped to be.



Inflatable Archways Give Savage Race that "Big Event" Feel

If being pushed to your absolute physical limits is your idea of fun, a Savage Race will be right up your alley. Just imagine conquering an intense five- to six-mile run with 25 world-class obstacles, mud, fire, and barbed wire. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.



Giant, Inflatable Wildlife Replicas Introduce Biometrics to Kids

Did you know elephant trunks inspired the creation of certain manufacturing robots because of their range of motion? Or that wind turbines are becoming more efficient at harnessing air, thanks to the bumpy shape of humpback whales?



SKA Events Uses Custom Inflatables to Make Divas Happy

SKA Events (an event production company) needed a portable shelter to serve as a recognizable structure at the SHAPE Diva Dash 5K nationwide series of obstacle races. Their criteria included being large enough to house sponsor displays, prize giveaways and a lounge area. SKA Events also wanted flexibility with the use of the shelter since each market for the Diva Dash was unique.



Inflatable Arch Helps Avera McKennan Foundation Top $3 Million for Breast Cancer Research

For 25 years, the Avera McKennan Foundation has raised money to help the Avera McKennan Hospital fight breast cancer. On May 11, 2013, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer. But that's not all.



Peach Tree Healthcare Attracts Attention with a Giant Logo

With a name like Peach Tree, you almost have to use a peach as your logo. Doing the expected, however, doesn't always get you the attention you want. So, Peach Tree Healthcare decided to kick their brand up a notch by turning their namesake into a giant logo.



March of Dimes Adds Inflatable Arch to its "March for Babies" Races

Saving babies' lives is what the March of Dimes is all about. For decades, it has worked to prevent birth defects, premature births and infant mortality through research, community service, education and events like the "March for Babies" races.



Custom Inflatable Volleyball Boosts Spike U's Sports Marketing Efforts

When you're dealing with youth, you want an image that's fun, exciting and downright cool. That's exactly what Spike U was going for when it approached Landmark Creations to develop a custom inflatable volleyball to enhance their sports marketing efforts.


Pigskin and Hoops on the Horizon

If your school or division is gearing up for fall sports, don’t forget to include inflatables in your planning. With custom-designed sports tunnels, helmet tunnels, inflatable mascots, costumes and more, you'll be set to crank up team spirit for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. Want to recoup your investment quick-like? Invite sponsors to purchase interchangeable banners on your sports inflatable.

Call to Agencies, Retailers & Event Coordinators

If you or your clients are planning fall promotions for back to school, fall festivals, trade shows and others; now's the time to give us a ring. Need help with ideas? We've got some pretty clever people on staff who would love to help. Contact us today and we'll set up a time to chat.

More Ways to Get Inspiration from Landmark

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Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions!

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Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations

inflatable-colon-alaska-CDC-approvedCorrection from Issue 45: In the spring issue of Landmarketing, we mistakenly reported that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) had "approved" inflatable colons. While the new study (conducted by ANTHC and published by the CDC) did show that giant inflatable colons were effective for cancer prevention, inflatables were not specifically endorsed by the CDC.