Landmarketing Issue 47 - Autumn 2013

Landmarketing Fall Issue 47

It's Just Around the Corner

As a smart marketer, you're always looking ahead, knowing that the next holiday or season is just around the corner. Don't forget to mark these on your calendar so you can have your inflatables completed in plenty of time.

1. Order Holiday Shapes Now (4-6 week lead time)
2. Plan Year-End Inflatables Budgets/Promotions
3. Conceptualize Spring Events/Inflatable Ideas (See case studies below for awesome ideas)


Case Studies: See the Creative Ways our Customers are Using Inflatables!


The Waconia Wildcats Inflatable Sports Tunnel Is the Talk of the Town

"Every kid in the town wants to run through the [inflatable football] tunnel when they get older," said Sam Baker, Head Waconia High School Football Coach.




Inflatable Characters (Bob & Angus) Help Set New Guinness World Record

If you've ever been to YouTube to watch the Mayfair Games channel, you know exactly who Bob and Angus are. These two feisty sheep are constantly at each other in an Odd Couple sort of way.




Start/Finish Line Inflatable Arch Helps Expand Brand of Wounded Warrior Project

Ten years ago, several veterans and friends were moved by stories of the first servicemen/women as they returned from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their compassion turned into action as they set about providing comfort items to these wounded service people.




Agency Helps Client Promote Their Cause with an Inflatable Stage Prop

It's a wonderful cause. For every backpack STATE (creator of super-hip backpacks) sells, STATE hand-delivers a backpack to an American student in need through its GiveBackPack program.




Inflatable Mascot Helps the Needy in Wisconsin

As a professional clown, Debra Johnson never imagined she would eventually be a ministry leader. After a trip to Vietnam in 2005, however, she knew God had sent her overseas for a specific purpose: to help the disabled, disfigured and sickly children.



Teacher Uses Inflatable Stage Prop to Excite Students & Raise Test Scores

Talk about visual aids! One teacher, who saw students struggling with earth science, decided to make her lessons more hands-on. After hiring Landmark Creations to develop their custom inflatable, Laurie Henry and her teaching partner began traveling across the state of Texas to bring highly interactive assemblies to school gyms using a 40-foot-wide canyon model.



Inflatable Archway Makes Event Participation Safer & Simpler

When you've landed the main entrance for a major event (such as the Tall Ships Festival in Wisconsin), you need to make the most of the opportunity. That's what Karen Klevesahl, Marketing Coordinator for Smet Construction, intended to do. She was not, however, planning to do things according to status quo.



Custom, Cold-Air Inflatable Protects Drivers from Blinding Glare

Can you just imagine? You're driving home from work when you turn a corner and - wham! A blinding ray of light hits you right between the eyes. Valparaiso University knew this was possible when they installed a 400-square-foot solar mirror. That's big, and it could certainly project one whopper of a sunbeam. (Not a good thing when you're operating a vehicle.)



MU Puts a Tiger on the Roof Using a Custom Inflatable Mascot Design

When it comes to college life, it's not all books and exams. There's lots of fun to be had, too. Michelle Froese, Missouri University Marketing Manager, understands that and was looking for a way to create a sense of excitement and tradition for the campus community. That's when she approached Landmark Creations about producing an inflatable mascot… or at least part of one.



Inflatable Paul Bunyan & Babe Characters Greet Guests

What better welcoming committee to the Minnesota Historical Society than Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox? These legends live on as bigger-than-life, cold air inflatable characters that stand 18-feet tall.


Muddy Monk Archway at Trail Run

Trail Run Uses Inflatable Arch for Start/Finish Line and Photo Ops

A run through the trails is not a walk in the park. The folks at Muddy Monk never intended for their race to take place on smooth pavement or freshly raked paths. Just the opposite: Muddy Monk trail runs are designed to push you to your limits.



Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions!

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