Landmarketing Issue 54 - Summer 2015


What Do Festivals, Trade Shows & Football Have in Common?

They all use inflatables as photo magnets and all three flourish in the summer months. While indoor event marketing can take place all year, outdoor events (such as concerts, movies, festivals, and more) thrive when the weather is warm.

While football crosses seasons from summer to fall, nothing is as spectacular as the annual kickoff when students and fans get to see the teams burst onto the field through a massive sports tunnel.

Have plans to use inflatables to attract live crowds and boost social media coverage during outdoor events or football this year? You'll want to contact us ASAP. The first week of August (next week!) is the deadline for on-time delivery.

Case Studies: See Creative Ways our Customers are Using Inflatables!

jackolantern oak island

Inflatable Pumpkin Tunnel Guests at Fall Events Across the Country

As the company behind many of the country's biggest outdoor events, Oak Island Creative knows what it takes to "wow" the crowds. Holiday-themed festivals and other gatherings are especially popular among Oak Island's clients, and autumn events call for something extra special. [read more]






coffee cup replica

Giant Inflatable Coffee Cup Gets the Whole Town Buzzing

Louisiana-based Community Coffee Company has a history to be proud of. Family owned and operated for nearly 100 years, they know the importance of relationships — after all, "community" is part of their name. So when they needed to make a splash at events, they knew they wanted something that would get people talking. [read more]






pearl seas smokestack

Inflatable Smokestack Captures the Imagination at Trade Shows

At a crowded trade show, you may have only minutes to make an impression. Pearl Seas Cruises knew they had to make every second count, and a replica of the most recognizable structure on their ships — the smokestack — was just the thing to help them make an impression. [read more]






thule arch

Inflatable Arch Brings Brand Awareness to Outdoor Events

Do one thing, and do it well — that's Thule's philosophy. It's a plan that has turned them into a leader in the sports industry, so whether you're looking for bike carriers, roof racks, or sport strollers, they're the brand you ask for. [read more]






shark tunnel

Inflatable Sports Tunnel Lets Everyone Know the Nova Sharks Mean Business

With a reputation for academic excellence, Nova Southeastern University is already pretty intimidating. Bring on their mascot, Razor the shark, and it's clear they're a team that's not easily beaten. [read more]






hard rock can replica

Inflatable Product Replica Draws Attention and Increases Sales

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace and make your brand unforgettable? Start with a giant inflatable replica as Hard Rock Energy Drink did, and you'll feel the buzz building from the minute you set up your display booth. [read more]






wildcats tunnel

Inflatable Sports Tunnel Helps Boost Team Spirit, Encourages Teamwork

The South Houston Wildcats are about more than just football. The organization helps kids boost their self-esteem, learn responsibility and teamwork, and to respect others.[read more]






hydraflex cash booth

Inflatable Cash Booth Draws a Curious Crowd of Onlookers at Trade Shows

When "innovation" is in your name, you can't settle for the same old seen-everywhere trade show booths that other companies use. Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation needed a stand-out display that would grab the attention of everyone in the building, and that's just what their inflatable cash vault did for them. [read more]






Landmark on Location


There are even more episodes of Landmark on Location (LOL) in the works. Have you seen all the videos in the series yet? No? Click here for a sneak peek behind the scenes as we go onsite to client installs. There's always something unexpected that results in helpful tips that will save you time and frustration during your next project. Enjoy!

Until next time, I wish you success in all your promotions!

Stephanie Meacham

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