Landmarketing Issue 63 - Summer 2021

Inflatable Sea Turtle and SeaHorse Illuminated on Side of Minnesota Zoo's Drive-Thru Event at Night

Welcome Back! (Everything Old Is New Again)

It's been a while since we've published our Landmarketing Newsletter. In the meantime, we've kept busy. Now we have some exciting news to share with you.

Take a look at our all-new website design, with its eye-popping slideshow spotlighting our giant inflatables. We think you'll like what you see!

Now on to the Latest News

Recently, we've made a few changes. President Tom Meacham has retired and stepped down from day-to-day operations. His wife and business partner, Stephanie, has assumed the role of Landmark Creations’ president, while Tom continues to serve as a trusted expert consultant. Read more here!

Lately, Stephanie has been expanding the team to meet the challenging needs of our growing customer base. Keep your eye out for our next newsletter issue, where we'll introduce the Landmark Creations team and showcase what they offer.

 Here's What You'll Find in This Issue:

Success Stories: Three colorful case studies showing how Landmark's custom inflatables have helped our customers achieve specific goals.

Tips and Tricks: Valuable pointers for using ballasts and blowers in your inflatable installations.

Plus, We're Hiring! Looking for a fulfilling career in the fast-growing inflatables industry? Head to our jobs page for more information. 

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham | VP of Operations


Inflatable Moon Person Highlight

Happy Fall!

We had a great summer here at Landmark Creations! From the giant Moon Person we made for the Video Music Awards to being highlighted for Minnesota's Manufacturing Month, we have lots to share with you! 

Inflatable Sea Turtle and SeaHorse Illuminated on Side of Minnesota Zoo's Drive-Thru Event at Night

Hello, Again!

If it seems like it's been forever since you've read an issue of Landmarketing, it has– we've been on an almost three-year hiatus since Issue 60 hit mailboxes in early 2018!

L5766 Katy Perry Lion Head

Landmark's in the News!

From Rockefeller Center to rock concert tours, Landmark's custom inflatables are taking center stage. And the trade publishing world is applauding.

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