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There's no question about it. Inflatables draw crowds. But when it comes to generating new and creative ideas for the use of your event advertising balloons, it's always best to have a little help.  Landmarketing is a quarterly ezine published by Landmark Creations that delivers insightful articles on the use, care and maintenance of commercial advertising inflatables. You'll also find numerous case studies so you can learn from the successes of others.

Recent Issues of Landmarketing

From marketing to maintenance, each issue of Landmarketing provides insightful information designed to improve the overall performance and ROI of your event advertising balloons.  Feel free to browse the most recent issues. Want Creative Ideas for Using Custom Inflatables Delivered to Your Inbox Every 3 Months? Subscribe!

Landmarketing Issue 17 - Spring 2006

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Landmarketing Issue 17 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 17 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

When last we met, Landmark was embarking on a company-wide expansion. I'm glad to say it has been completed. We've doubled our warehouse space and now have an increased capacity to produce larger orders with lightning fast speed! Of course, at Landmark it's all about quality (well, quality and having fun) so we've taken every precaution to keep or even exceed the exceptionally high design and production standards we've always had. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by and say, "Hi!" We'd love to show you around.

In this issue of Landmarketing, I'll bravely take on the subject of zoning and permits in our feature article. Plus I also have some more great case studies to help spark your creativity. So let's get to it!

Inflatable Case Studies:

Fowler Chevrolet Dog Inflatable Mascot

The long-time mascot of Fowler Chevrolet, Jed the Bloodhound came to life at the hands of Landmark Creations' expert artists. Jed had previously lived only in the pages of print ads until his likeness was recreated in inflatable form.  Fowler Chevy was very excited. "He looks amazing. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!"

Holly Springs Bee Tunnel Inflatable

It's homecoming, Little League style!  This mighty bee looked mighty fine representing the Holly Springs little league football team who plays as part of a community youth league.  As they set up the track for homecoming (complete with youth cheerleaders and a convertible car parade) the team was able to burst onto the field through their new inflatable tunnel (compliments of an anonymous donor).

Inflatable Golf Bag of Goodies

Valero Convenience stores sponsors a golf tournament each year in San Antonio, Texas.  While signage and other advertising they received as a sponsor were great, Valero wanted to draw some real attention to its convenience store products and corporate brand.  Landmark did them proud!

George Washington University Sports Tunnel

Inflatable tunnels aren't just for football.  This college basketball team needed a way to close off the area of the gym where players exit the locker room. So, in addition to building excitement for the players and fans, this tunnel also has a functional purpose.

Zoning Regulations (Pulling Permits) for Inflatables

The zoning of inflatable outdoor advertising falls to each, individual city.  That, in and of itself, should be enough to tell you this is a complicated issue.  Policies for using inflatables oftentimes fall under the city’s sign ordinance.  Oftentimes policies are ambiguous, referring to inflatables as “ambient” balloons or devices, which could apply to either helium or cold-air inflatables. Other cities are more specific.

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations 

Landmarketing Issue 14 - Spring 2005

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Landmarketing Issue 14 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 14 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Welcome back to another issue of Landmarketing! Spring is always a wonderful time because it's the perfect season for using inflatables outdoors.Not too hot… not too cold.

To be sure you're ready for outdoor inflatable use, we've created a list of questions and answers about installations as well as helium inflatables.

If you're involved with school sports, you can look forward to useful tips on selling sponsor ads on your inflatable sports tunnels to generate revenue. Don't have an inflatable sports tunnel? Give us a call today! We'll set you right up. As if all that wasn't enough, you'll also find creative uses for inflatables plus the winners of our DINOawards. So without further delay… on with the show!

Guarantee Your Sponsors a Captive Audience with Sports Tunnels!

Nothing gets fans up on their feet like seeing their team explode onto the field through a custom-designed, inflatable sports tunnel. Nothing gets sponsors up on their feet like knowing all eyes are focused intently on their ad which is placed on the side of the inflatable tunnel.

Inflatable Case Studies:

STAGG® Inflatable Chili Can Replicas

During the STAGG® Chili Ski Bash, these cans provided instant brand awareness at resorts throughout Canada. During the promotion (geared toward sampling the chili and inviting skiers to enter a contest) STAGG®, in conjunction with a local radio station, gave away a trip to Cancun!

Doctor Hoy's Inflatable Pain Relief Gel Bottle Replica

Used at marathons for product promotion, this giant, inflatable bottle of Doctor Hoy's Pain Relief Gel is a great draw for crowds because of its vivid colors and detailed features. Even from a distance, the Doctor Hoy's bottle let runners and race watchers know that even their strongest pain could be relieved.

Hike for Hope's Giant Inflatable Boot on Parade

Created as the official "mascot" of the Annual Winterskol Hike for Hope, this boot helped raise money for The Children's Hospital Foundation to aid in finding a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. It did such a great job of building awareness that event coordinators plan to use it for years to come. What a worthy cause!

Inflatable FAQs

Custom Inflatables FAQ - Part I

Over the past few years we’ve found that certain questions are common when people order and install their inflatables. So, as a matter of information and convenience, we've put all these questions in a collection for you. Over the next few issues of LandMarketing, you'll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on various inflatable topics. We'll also archive many of these FAQs on our site so you can easily find them in the future.

More Landmark In The News

Landmark Creations was highlighted in the March 2005 issue of ADvantages Magazine, a publication of the Advertising Specialty Institute. Our Mount Olympus water bottle was featured along with valuable information about the power of inflatables.

March 2005 issue of Industrial Fabric Review also features Landmark Creations. Tom Meacham gives some excellent examples and information about sculpting for the inflatables industry and other details about fabricating first-rate, top-quality inflatables.

DINOawards Winners Announced!

In the last issue of Landmarketing, Dino began celebrating the Oscars and asked that you send pictures and a brief write-up about how you've used your Landmark Creations' inflatables in action.

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations

Landmarketing Issue 11 - Summer 2004

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Landmarketing Issue 11 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 11 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

The “lazy” days of summer? Not hardly! Landmark Creations has been cranking all summer long and we don’t show any signs of stopping now. For example, we’ve created an ultra-cool summer promotion for you. Frustrated over all the political ads you’ve been seeing? Don’t know who to vote for? Keep reading for your chance to pick up one of our limited edition, reversible, 48” tall, 2004 Presidential Punching Bags. Great for brainstorming marketing ideas or giving these candidates the ol' "one-two.”

Landmark Creations has also been busy in the news with several new magazine articles. Plus we’ve written a fabulous tips list to help you get the most from your inflatables for the lowest cost possible.

Dino has something special for you, too as you’ll see. George and John are going to get it now! And you… our trusty, loyal customers. You’ve been quite busy yourselves. Several new case studies have come in. We’ll share those with you in order to boost your creative juices and help you use your inflatables in the most exciting and effective ways yet. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Giant Inflatable Tent For Private Events

Your Own Personal Reception Facility - Not all Landmark Creations’ clients buy inflatables for corporate use. These Rainbow AirTents® are also used by individuals as a quick and professional reception area. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, AirTents® are excellent for family reunions, wedding receptions, summer barbecues, and all sorts of outdoor parties.

Inflatable Case Studies:

Inflatable Coyote Mascot for Carol Stream Park

Carol Stream Park District wanted something fun and attractive to bring attention to their newly opened miniature golf course. This playful coyote did a great job of welcoming golfers as he sat perched upon the waterfall. 

Inflatable Wine Box Display on Parade

Sofia Wine’s unique and attention-getting float was a real hit during this recent parade. Gaining the attention of the local population while also showing their sense of community pride helped Sofia Wine enhance their branding and gain recognition.

More Landmark IN THE NEWS

  • Upsize Magazine (pdf) ran a wonderful story about small business growth. Landmark Creations’ President, Tom Meacham, was featured as the prime “interviewee” and he did a wonderful job! We’re so proud! This article also offers excellent advice about managing the growth of small businesses.
  • Small Business Opportunities (pdf) Magazine featured Landmark in an article about the different types of inflatables and how to best use them. You’ll get some great marketing ideas from this piece.
  • Event Solutions Magazine (pdf) provided an article to its readers about brand marketing and management that featured Landmark Creations. Wonderful information can be found in this article.

Giving you the Ol' "One-Two"

(1) Refer Your Friends To Landmark Creations.
(2) Receive Your FREE Punching Bag.
During an election year, it’s especially hard to find people who keep their promises. Landmark does! We’ll honestly tell you that we can’t reduce your taxes or save Social Security, but we can offer you the highest quality and most reasonable prices on award-winning inflatables. With these attention-getters, you will quickly find yourself in the center ring with enough marketing power to knock out your competition.

Mailbag - Letter from Matt Kramer at the Dept. of Emp & Econ. Development

Customer with Inflatable Kayak

Dear Landmark Creations,

I really enjoyed my visit to your company a few weeks ago. When the kayak arrived in the mail I wasted no time in blowing up (thanks for the breathing exercise!) and now have it sitting on a shelf in my office. You can imagine that a bright yellow kayak generates some conversation, so I have told the story of your company about 100 times since the kayak arrived. If I can help steer business your way, I'm happy to do so! Enjoy the attached picture and again, thank you for being a Minnesota employer.

With best regards,

Matt Kramer
Department of Employment and Economic Development

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations

Landmarketing Issue 16 - Autumn 2005

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Landmarketing Issue 15 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 16 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

There's been a LOT going on around the Landmark Creations' camp since the last issue of Landmarketing. First and foremost, I'd like to introduce to you my new son, Calvin! He was born August 21 and weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces. My how he's grown since then! Needless-to-say, Tom and I are just thrilled!

Landmark is also expecting some new arrivals (in a manner of speaking). We've doubled our manufacturing facilities and we're gearing up for new product lines. More on that in the January issue. In the meantime, we have eight really cool case studies to keep you busy. 

Creative Uses for Custom Inflatables:

All of us at Landmark Creations hope your holiday season is filled with peace, joy, happiness and everything special!


Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations

Landmarketing Issue 13 - Winter 2005

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 13 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 13 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have you started procrastinating on your New Year's resolutions yet? Around here, we've been doing anything but! It's a recurring resolution at Landmark Creations to provide the best service (along with the best inflatables!) consistently.

So, with a flood of people looking for new inflatables to include in their 2005 marketing plan, we thought it would be a great idea to help get you organized before you order. Our feature article has nothing to do with ducks, rather with getting your information and figures in line so you can get the best inflatable for your needs.

Plus, all the fanfare about the Oscars has Dino in the spirit. He's donned his tux and is gearing up for another star-studded awards show. The celebs won't be the only winners this year. You can be a winner, too! Now's your chance to enjoy your favorite movie and treats plus get some free exposure for your company to boot! Everyone's a winner. Look for details inside this issue.

With so much excitement, we'd better get started!

Rockin' Uses for Inflatables

Bowling For Soup Inflatable Hook 'em Horns

No, it's not déjà vu. We have mentioned Bowling for Soup before, but they are worth mentioning again. Why? We just wanted to show off the cool pictures taken during their tour.

Naperville High School Inflatable Sports Tunnel

With two of their football team members in the NFL, you have to wonder if that handsome inflatable tunnel has anything to do with their success. It certainly has a lot to do with the level of excitement on game night!

Parachuting Santa Inflatable

Ho Ho Hold on tight! Santa parachutes from the old bank building in Caracas, Venezuela onto the new bank building and drums up some excitement and interest in the process. Very creative!

The 95.5 Wolf Mascot

This wolf in cowboy's clothing is a 20-foot tall inflatable and the pride of the pack at remote broadcasts and other station events around Nashville. Who wouldn't want to stop and see a sight like this?

Get Your Ducks In A Row: A Checklist for Ordering the Right Inflatable for Your Event.

Inflatables are one of the most versatile advertising mediums available. They come in a range of sizes, have completely customizable colors and shapes and can be used in several different environments. However, all that flexibility means you'll want to give some thought to several aspects of using inflatables prior to ordering. Read more

Landmark In The News

In November 2004, Cheese Market News featured insights from Landmark President, Tom Meacham, about increasing awareness and sales of dairy products at retail grocery stores. While the specific answers might focus strictly on dairy, these same principles can be applied to inflatable usage in any retail environment. Read the article here: Cheese Market News.


Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations 

Landmarketing Issue 10 - Spring 2004

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 10 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 10 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Spring has sprung making now the perfect time to take to the streets (or sidewalks, or fields…) for those ever-popular outdoor events. You’ve always known that inflatables really shine at outdoor events, but having some added flexibility when the weather is wonderful and people actually want to be outside makes those festivals, fairs and tradeshows all the more successful.

Why not add an interactive inflatable to your fleet this spring or summer? Bouncers are fabulous for attracting kids (and, thus, their parents). Inflatable batting cages bring in sports fans by the truckload. We’ll even gladly create your own, customized amusement ride sure to draw a crowd fast.

Need other ideas? Then you’ll want to check out our case studies for this issue. They’ll give you some phenomenal thoughts for using your current inflatables or new ones.

Also, you’ll find insights into why inflatables work so well for franchises, tips and tricks for properly caring for sealed inflatables and - in case you missed it last month - episode two of Landmarketer with guest star Trey Aiken from American Idol!

Hang on tight! This is going to be one packed issue! 

Overcoming the Most Pressing Challenges of Franchise Marketers

When it comes to franchises, special marketing challenges arise. Two that stand out from the rest are consistency and increasing traffic. One of the most pressing is consistency. As the franchise owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure every element of every location throughout the chain is the same. From the product to the floor plan to the advertising message being delivered to customers; consistency is key. This is precisely what makes Landmark Creations’ inflatables a perfect match for franchises.

Inflatable Case Studies:

Inflatable Football for Continental Tires

What better way to attract the attention of football fans than with a giant football? Continental sponsored the Continental Tire Bowl that pit Virginia and West Virginia head-to-head in Charlotte, NC this past December. This inflatable was used to pump up fans and increase attendance of the game.

Vigoro Inflatable Fertilizer Bags at NASCAR

Vigoro knows how to do two things: grow turf and grow fan loyalty. That’s why they chose sealed inflatable replicas of fertilizer bags to help launch their sponsorship of a car in the NASCAR Busch Series at the Daytona 500.

LSU Inflatable Tiger Mascot

Victory always means celebration. Nothing could be more appropriate to help National College Football Champs, Louisiana State University, celebrate than a massive, roaring inflatable tiger to show everyone who’s boss.

Proper Care of Sealed Inflatables

Sealed inflatables are exceptional promotional tools. Their small size makes them highly portable. Their ease of setup and removal gives you a quick way to draw a crowd on a moment’s notice. Sealed inflatables do, however, have a few special requirements when it comes to care. Following the instructions below will help ensure you get plenty of use from your sealed inflatables over their lifetime. read more

Landmark Scores More Ink

It’s always fun to see those you know in the news. Since the winter edition of Landmarketing, we’ve scored some ink in two popular magazines.

  • Small Business Opportunities magazine has an article scheduled for May 2004 that highlights the benefits of using inflatables (specifically Landmark inflatables).
  • Sports Business Journal’s March 1-7, 2004 issue features Landmark’s Vigoro inflatable replica. 

Holy Inflatables, Captain Dinomo! What's The Low Carb Solution to QSR Marketing?

What do Trey Aiken (of American Idle) and Dino Man have in common? They both understand that inflatables have a dramatic impact on increasing foot traffic. In Episode Two of Landmarketer, Trey Aiken finds himself in grave sales danger. Under immense stress, Trey wonders what to do to bring more customers to his chain of low-carb, fast-food restaurants. Will he have the presence of mind to act before it’s too late? Will he remember how powerful a force inflatables are? Can Dino Man once again save the day? Tune in and find out!


Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations


Landmarketing Issue 15 - Summer 2005

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 15 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 15 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

As the dog days of summer set in, temperatures rise and we all start to slow down just a bit. Summer presents a challenge because most of us would rather be lounging by a pool than working.

The hot weather also presents several challenges to your inflatables. In the feature article, I'll tell you how to avoid damage to your balloon during the hotter months.

I also have some new case studies for you to help generate ideas for creative ways you can use your inflatables. And, last but certainly not least, Landmark has some groundbreaking news that you're sure to be excited about. Happy reading!

Tips and Tricks: Summer Weather Hazards for Inflatables

Summer brings its own set of challenges when it comes to inflatables. Heat isn't a problem for inflatables, but storms of various sorts can certainly do major damage. The most common threat to your inflatable during the summer months however, is wind!

Inflatable Case Studies:

Calgary International Children's Festival Whale

What fun! Kids at this festival loved listening to stories from inside the belly of a whale. Children could go sit, listen and learn. A creative and fun way to reach kids!

AG Edwards Inflatable Nest Egg

Used during an ongoing promotion to help clients plan for the future, the AG Edwards Nest Egg served as a symbol reminding others to plan for the future. Because financial planning can be complicated at times, the egg helped give a more friendly "face" to a compound subject.

Under Armour Inflatable Archway

Traveling the world, the next stop for the Under Armour Arch is a marathon in Japan. Just as it did in the U.S., the arch continued drawing crowds and reinforcing product and brand awareness to an international audience. 

Landmark Creations - In The News

Athletic Business Magazine - Landmark's inflatable sports tunnels were featured in the June 2005 issue of Athletic Business Magazine. The write-up also gave details of how schools and clubs can raise money for booster activities, teams or bands by selling advertising on the inflatables.

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations 

Landmarketing Issue 12 - Autumn 2004

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Landmarketing Issue 12 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Welcome Landmarketing Autumn 2004 - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Well, the Landmark Creations' Official 2004 Punching Bags turned out to be a bigger hit than we thought. The response to the referral giveaway has been phenomenal and the eBay auctions continue to be a lot of fun. We'll give you an update on that in this issue a little later.

Want one last chance to win your own Official 2004 Authentic Presidential Punching Bag? We have 4 more to give away just in time for the election so keep reading to get all the details!

Also, in this issue you'll find helpful hints for hibernating helium inflatables. (Say that three times fast!) When the weather turns chilly, it's usually time to tuck your helium inflatables away for the winter season. Here's how to do just that without finding any surprises come spring.

We have a bumper crop of case studies for you in this edition. From political inflatables to Jimmy Buffet inflatable shrimp (no, I'm not kidding), you'll discover lots of creative ways to draw attention.

Now, on with the show!!

You Could Win A Bush / Kerry Inflatable Punching Bag!

The Official Landmark Creations' 2004 Presidential Punching Bags are the talk of the town! They've recently made an appearance on WCCO TV and are selling wildly on eBay as we speak. In order to keep the excitement brewing, we're going to give you one last chance to win (that's free-of-charge) one of these popular, attractive, and politically correct bags. Simply email Landmark with "Enter me in the drawing" in the body of the message and we'll do just that. You could win one of four 2004 Presidential Punching Bags. Drawing to be held on October 21st. Prizes will be shipped October 22nd.

Brrr... It's Too Cold To Fly!

If you live or work in cold-weather climates, you're sure to be dragging out your coat, hat, and gloves soon. It's fall-time and that - needless-to-say - means colder weather. It also means your helium inflatables probably need to be packed away until spring. Why? Helium contracts in cold weather, which means your inflatables will likely be grounded. Yes, you can fly helium-filled inflatables in winter months, but the process is a bit complicated. (More on that another time.) Usually, helium inflatables are packed away and other types are brought out for use during cold-weather months. [Read More]

Creative Uses for Custom Inflatables

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations 

Landmarketing Issue 09 - Winter 2004

Posted in Landmarketing Newsletter

Landmarketing Issue 9 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Stephanie MeachamWelcome to Issue 09 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Happy New Year and welcome back to another issue of Landmarketing. As marketers everywhere begin to kick in their plans for 2004, we’re standing by… our creative juices flowing… waiting for the opportunity to produce an inflatable that will truly change the way you market forever.

If you’re a loyal Landmark Creations customer, you already know the powerful impact inflatable advertising can have. Whether large cold-air inflatables that are used outdoors at shows & events or smaller sealed inflatables used for POP displays, they never fail to attract the attention and bring the foot traffic you need to succeed.

And Landmarketing never fails to deliver the information, insights and fun you need. In this issue of Landmarketing, you’ll find extremely helpful information on repairing a torn inflatable on-site. You’ll also see six more creative and effective uses for inflatables direct from our customers. I have some exceptional resources for you and… what’s bound to be the most exciting announcement we’ve ever made… the beginning of a new series: The Adventures of Our Mascot, Rex (AKA DinoMan)!

You’ve been working hard all year, so take a break and enjoy the first issue of Landmarketing for 2004.

Repairing Damaged Inflatables During An Event

Aside from your inflatable being stolen, having it damaged in some way during an event is just about the worst thing that can happen. However, there are several ways to quickly rectify the situation so the event can continue as planned. [Read More]

Inflatable Case Studies:

Chicago Bears’ Inflatable Sports Tunnel

As you can see, player Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears is proud to show off the Landmark Creations’ inflatable tunnel that helps the Bears build team spirit and get the crowd rockin’ in the stands.

UNITE’s Inflatable Skunk Mascots

This inflatable raises quite a stink wherever it goes. UNITE uses its Landmark inflatable during protests to draw crowds and invite added media coverage. The camera always loves inflatables!

Bigg’s Inflatable Canon Camera Replica

New models? Sales promotions? Whenever Bigg’s Cameras needs to let the public know about specials on the Canon cameras it sells, it calls on its Landmark inflatable. Customers love it and it always draws a crowd.

Rhino Lining’s Inflatable Rhino Mascot

What better way to show strength and durability than by placing a rhino on your truck? At auto dealer locations and trade shows, Rhino Lining’s inflatable rhino was a natural for reinforcing brand imaging and calling attention to the product it represents.

Landmark Creations Is the Talk of the Town

Over the last month or two, Landmark Creations has been popping up in the media quite a bit.

  • Ballooning Magazine (Nov/Dec 2003) featured an article outlining the differences of hot air balloon promotion and cold air inflatables promotion. You’ll see Landmark featured on pages 14 and 15 as an “informative” resource for those hoping to cross over.
  • Big Idea Magazine (Dec 2003) sang the praises of Landmark in an article focused on the effectiveness and creativity of inflatable advertising. This article did an excellent job of outlining the benefits of inflatables… as well as the quality, talent and skill that Landmark brings to any project.
  • Pet Business Magazine (Nov 2003) highlighted Landmark in its “New Products” section stating, “Inflatables draw immediate attention to a store because they are impossible to ignore from the outside, and they catch customers’ eyes inside the store. Landmark Creations is the leading manufacturer of these effective marketing tools, creating custom-made inflatables [that] increase business and/or brand awareness.”

Adventures of the Landmarketer - Episode 1

“Holy Inflatables, Dinomo! ‘Billy the Goat’ is at it again!” As citizens all across the country plan their events with pride, a dark shadow lurks just around the corner. An evil villain seeks to disperse crowds and destroy fun wherever Landmarketers gather. Nothing vexes Billy like the success of a promotional event and when he rears his ugly horns, event coordinators everywhere shutter. The only hope for a successful event is left in the three-fingered hands of Captain Dinomo. In the first of the Landmarketer Adventures series, The Goat attempts to strike fear in the hearts of Landmarketers attending an outdoor event. He takes aim with his horrendous horns and… {CRASH}… {POW}!

Can the Captain get there in time? Will the Landmarketers be saved? Stay tuned to Landmarketing where we'll announce the premier episode this February!

Wishing You Success,

Stephanie Meacham

Stephanie Meacham

VP of Operations