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There's no question about it. Inflatables draw crowds. But when it comes to generating new and creative ideas for the use of your event advertising balloons, it's always best to have a little help.  Landmarketing is a quarterly ezine published by Landmark Creations that delivers insightful articles on the use, care and maintenance of commercial advertising inflatables. You'll also find numerous case studies so you can learn from the successes of others.

Recent Issues of Landmarketing

From marketing to maintenance, each issue of Landmarketing provides insightful information designed to improve the overall performance and ROI of your event advertising balloons.  Feel free to browse the most recent issues. Want Creative Ideas for Using Custom Inflatables Delivered to Your Inbox Every 3 Months? Subscribe!

Landmarketing Issue 52 - Winter 2015

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Call Us for Cost-Effective Inflatable Ideas

Ah January! The month for new resolutions, improved organization and brand new fiscal-year budgets. If you're looking for a way to maximize your ROI in 2015, we've got plenty of dollar-stretching ideas to help you get the most out of your inflatables line item. Give us a shout!

Landmarketing Issue 49 - Spring 2014

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Landmarketing: Issue 49 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Landmarketing Issue 49 - Spring 2014Spring, Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

Even though it might not look like it where you are, the spring/summer event season is in full gear. Since warm weather is perfect for outdoor event marketing, now is the time to check inflatables and make repairs if needed. Planning special promotions for summer? Contact us right away so you can meet your marketing deadlines.

To light a fire under your imagination, we have 9 creative case studies plus 5 fresh ideas for ramping up your summer events. You’ll find those below.

Landmarketing Issue 46 - Summer 2013

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Landmarketing: Issue 46 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Welcome to Issue 46Welcome, Have a Look Around!

We have a new website and we think you're gonna love it! With more intuitive navigation and faster load time, you'll find your way around in no time. In addition to the appearance and speed, we've added some cool tools to make your job easier.

Improved online catalog with larger images for better viewing.
• On-the-fly planning and collaboration using social sharing tools.
• Easier-to-find information.
• Expanded help and instructions area. (Coming this fall.)

Overall, you'll have a faster way to brainstorm ideas, get quotes, and rock your future event marketing appearances!

Landmarketing Issue 51 - Autumn 2014

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Landmarketing Newsletter - Issue 51

Zombies, Bed Bugs and Bowling Pins

As we head into fall and winter holidays, we thought we'd get you in the mood with this issue of Landmarketing. Inside you'll find videos about zombie installations as well as case studies dealing with bed bugs, bowling pins and more. Don't forget (as if you could) that the three biggies are just around the corner (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's). If you haven't ordered your holiday inflatables yet, now's the time to hop on it!

Landmarketing Issue 48 - Winter 2014

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Landmarketing: Issue 48 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

landmark-on-location-intro-stillAnd... They're Off!

2014 came in with a bang and Landmark Creations is buzzing with excitement. We have a new video series for you called “Landmark on Location.” Once a month we’ll take you behind the scenes of inflatable installations and projects to show you what went right, what went not-so-right and some valuable lessons you can apply to your own event marketing. (The first video is available now.) 

In addition, we have 10 new case studies that will give your creativity a nudge. And speaking of nudging, don’t forget event planning season is now running full steam so plan ahead when ordering your inflatables.  Happy New Year and let’s get to it!

Landmarketing Issue 45 - Spring 2013

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Landmarketing: Issue 45 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Landmarketing Issue 45 - All About YouWELCOME TO LANDMARKETING ISSUE 45 - IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU

Giving back is one of our mantras. Sure, we're a business and we do what we do to make money.  Our focus, however, isn't on us: it's on YOU.  We're firm believers in the old saying that, if we help our clients succeed, we'll succeed.

Did you know there are three primary ways (in addition to making your premier inflatables) we can help you gain more exposure?  If you haven't been in touch with us about these, here's your formal invitation.

Landmarketing Issue 50 - Summer 2014

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Landmarketing Issue 50

Summertime Buzz: Tradeshows, Case Studies & On-Location Tales

Exhibitors, start your engines! It's summertime and the race is on to cover as many events as possible while the weather is nice. Tradeshow and conference exhibits aren't the only use for inflatables, however. Whether you're launching a product, hosting a sporting event or taking an inflatable stage prop on the road with your band, you'll have a photo magnet that is bound to get some social media mentions.

Don't forget… fall is just around the corner. If you're with a school that needs inflatable football tunnels or mascots, plan to get your orders in soon so you can take delivery by kickoff.

Landmarketing Issue 44 - Winter 2013

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Landmarketing: Issue 44 - Creative Inflatable Ideas You Can Use

Landmark's Top 10 Inflatables of 2012Landmark's Best of 2012 Inflatables

As we move into a new year, we can't help but look back at what made 2012 so special for us.  It was difficult (to say the least) to choose only 10 out of all our favorites, but we managed after only a few sleepless nights.

Something that made the finalists special was a truly unique perspective on their event/product.  While inflatables are known for stopping people in their tracks, the effect can be compounded when you step outside the box a bit.

From zombies named "Phil" to giant projection screens in unique shapes to inflatables that are designed to deflate, all of these draw on our sense of curiosity, wonder and surprise.

Take a look at the highlights from 2012 and see what interesting ideas you can use for your 2013 marketing campaigns.