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National Atmospheric Deposition Program Uses Custom Inflatable for Cause Marketing

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L4867 Acid Raindrop OnsiteNational Atmospheric Deposition Program Celebrates 38 Years With Custom Inflatable

Almost four decades ago, the U.S. government decided to measure atmospheric deposition and study its effects on the environment.

This project came to be known as the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP). The primary focus is monitoring the changing chemical climate in America (for example, acid rain).

Since then, this work has gone global with the International Conference on Acid Deposition. In 2015, for the first time in 38 years, the conference returns to the United States.

While this is serious work, Lisa Volk, Business and Financial Coordinator for the conference, said, "We wanted to make a statement at our conference — something fun for the attendees at a scientific conference." The custom inflatable raindrop was just the thing to draw attention to this type of cause marketing and boost attention via social sharing. "Attendees had fun — people took their pictures with it."

I'm sure they did. At 20 feet high, it's hard to miss this giant display. Which is, after all, the point, right?

"People love the inflatable! It's been a great photo op for History Center guests."

- Laura Geffre-Rick, Minnesota Historical Society

"[There was] fun, excitement, and encouragement for everyone to actually walk under/through [the arch] and it worked.  We have cheerleaders and small children at the finish line by the arch handing out stickers, saying ‘I did it.’ Before we had the arch, [people] would straggle in anywhere."

- Jackie Allen, March of Dimes

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