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Inflatable Event Marketing Balloon Drives Sales For The NC Education Lottery

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Inflatable Monopoly HatNC Education Lottery Kicks Off A New Game With Fanfare And Fun

Supporting teachers' salaries in grades K-3, school construction and repairs, college scholarships and more, the NC Education Lottery is an important source of funding for the state.

To raise awareness and encourage ticket sales during the launch of its new MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB™ lottery game, the NC Education Lottery called on Landmark Creations. The project? To develop an inflatable marketing balloon shaped like the most iconic game piece ever made: the top hat.

Two key features of inflatables are that they can be easily transported and they're quick to set up. Within minutes after arrival, the hat was upright and visible to millions of people. According to Marketing Manager Cory Trotter, "The MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB™ Inflatable Hat helped support the launch of the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB™ game at the North Carolina State Fair. The overall on-site marketing strategy, including the presence of the inflatable hat, resulted in 20% of on-site sales from MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB™ tickets."

The combination of a long-time favorite game, a wildly popular location and a highly visible inflatable made this event marketing project a huge success.

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“We knew Landmark was the only company that would be able to understand our vision and work to make it come to life.”

- Lelia King, Charlotte Center City Partners

"Landmark created two inflatable Truman the Tigers for us, and they were incredibly easy to work with, as well as very affordable."

- Michelle Froese, Missouri University

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