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O'Reilly Inflatable Battery: Custom Inflatable Advertising Balloons Make A Big Impression

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O'Reilly Giant Inflatable Car Battery

O'Reilly's Inflatable Battery Drives Awareness to the SuperStart Brand

O'Reilly Battery is one of the largest specialty retailers of automotive aftermarket parts, tools, supplies, equipment and accessories in the U.S.

Serving do-it-yourselfers as well as pros, they needed a creative way to rise above traditional branding methods. After all, when one of your brand names is SuperStart, you need a super way to promote products.

That's why O'Reilly Auto Parts chose a custom inflatable battery for their on-site events.

At 15-feet tall, this giant, custom inflatable stops customers in their tracks with curiosity opening the door for a conversation about the differences between SuperStart and other batteries. And it works wonderfully not only at retail locations, but also on the road. O'Reilly Battery has used inflatable advertising at motor sports events including NASCAR and NHRA as well as grand openings for new stores to build branding and awareness of the SuperStart name. What success have they had? According to company officials, "We are still in the early phrases, but [inflatable advertising] has really helped drive awareness and attention to the battery category.  Most people stop and ask about SuperStart."

Suffice it to say, this custom inflatable has really "charged" O'Reilly's branding efforts!

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“We knew Landmark was the only company that would be able to understand our vision and work to make it come to life.”

- Lelia King, Charlotte Center City Partners

"The inflatable arch allows for safe and easy setup and takedown. People have raved about the arch and have made requests to have it at their events."

- Karen Klevesahl, SMET Construction

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