Outdoor Inflatable Art Installation Explores Oblivion in Toronto 2016

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Ctu e6xW8AA6 voExploring a State of Nothingness Through Inflatable Art Installations

Working in conjunction with Director X, Skyscape Balloons brought one element of a three-artist exhibition in Toronto, Canada, into clear visualization. According to Michael Prokopow, co-curator of the city-produced event called Oblivion, each phase of the transformation was designed to help participants explore a state of nothingness / state of being and the process of going from something to nothing.

Skyscape Balloons Owner Dave Monson explains, "The 40-foot, outdoor inflatable sphere was used as part of Director X's art installation 'Death of the Sun' at Nathan Philips Square. It was the main attraction for an all-night contemporary art event, Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016."

Through the use of external video projectors, onlookers were able to experience a simulation of the death of the sun as it burned glowing hot, phased gradually into a cool blue, and then a lifeless, ashen gray as it moved into oblivion.

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