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Inflatable, Giant Logo Spreads the Word about Healthy Living

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Peach Tree Healthcare Inflatable LogoPeach Tree Healthcare Attracts Attention with a Giant Logo

With a name like Peach Tree, you almost have to use a peach as your logo. Doing the expected, however, doesn't always get you the attention you want. So, Peach Tree Healthcare decided to kick their brand up a notch by turning their namesake into a giant logo.

This nonprofit hosts three clinics and two mobile dental clinics offering a variety of services to the community with no appointment necessary. The trick is to get the word out, so residents can get the health help they need.

Greg Stone, Chief Executive Officer, explains, "Our giant peach is brand new to us and will help us gain name recognition in our community at health fairs, county fairs, farm markets, school events and almost any event we take it to."

In addition to the inflatable logo, Peach Tree also plans to stack squeeze balls shaped like fruits and veggies around the base of the balloon. Each ball will have their logo, contact info and messages related to developing healthy habits.

How did Peach Tree find out about Landmark Creations? A referral from an air ambulance company for which we created a 2/3-size scale helicopter several years ago. Good news travels fast!

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“We knew Landmark was the only company that would be able to understand our vision and work to make it come to life.”

- Peggy Donaldson, American Cancer Society

"Our tunnel was also a great addition to our pre-game tradition: the Wildcat walk. Our city shuts down three blocks of downtown, and we have hundreds of fans lining the streets with a police escort, while we walk to the stadium."

- Sam Baker, Head Football Coach at Waconia High School

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