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Multitasking Inflatable Archway Is A Colorful Focal Point For Race

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Color-A-Thon ArchwayInflatable Archway Pulls Double Duty For Popular Fundraising Events

Successfully shepherding a crowd of rowdy kids is a challenge, and that's just what the team at School-a-Thon does every day at schools across the country. Needless to say, fun always works well as a motivator for children.

When School-a-Thon needed a way to huddle up all the kiddos, they chose an inflatable archway to clearly mark the starting line of their popular Color-a-Thon races.


"The arch [is] a very visible and fun way to show the kids where to gather for the start of the race," says Rick Anderson, owner of School-a-Thon. "We wanted to make a huge impression on the kids, parents and teachers at the beginning of the Color-a-Thon races."

Not only does the Color-a-Thon inflatable arch serve as both a starting point and finish line, but it also makes a great photo backdrop. Appearing in many press shots of local events, the arch has helped accomplish School-a-Thon's mission of raising much-needed funds for field trips, sports activities, supply drives and more.

Because the Color-a-Thon events are held all over the nation, the arch needed to be easy to set up and transport. With lightning-fast inflation and deflation times plus the ability to simply roll up the inflatable and pack it away, portability has proven to be a snap!

Two thumbs up for raising the level of fun and funds!

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"[There was] fun, excitement, and encouragement for everyone to actually walk under/through [the arch] and it worked.  We have cheerleaders and small children at the finish line by the arch handing out stickers, saying ‘I did it.’ Before we had the arch, [people] would straggle in anywhere."

- Jackie Allen, March of Dimes

"We received our inflatable and gave it a test run Saturday afternoon. To be short; Excellent Work. Thanks again for all your efforts."

- Curtis Gadula, Brock University

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