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Spike U Gets Some Sports Marketing Help from a Custom Inflatable Volleyball

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Inflatable Spike U Volleyball at MatchCustom Inflatable Volleyball Boosts Spike U's Sports Marketing Efforts

When you're dealing with youth, you want an image that's fun, exciting and downright cool. That's exactly what Spike U was going for when it approached Landmark Creations to develop a custom inflatable volleyball to enhance their sports marketing efforts.

"We wanted to create a fun and amazing atmosphere," explains Matt Morrissette, Spike U President. An inflatable volleyball seemed like the perfect choice.


This nonprofit organization was founded to help youth beach volleyball players get to the college level on an NCAA Division 1 university beach volleyball team. They offer coaching, clinics, summer camps and competitions in and around New England.

This eight-foot custom inflatable (complete with battery-operated blower because there are no outlets on the beach) made the events feel larger than life. Truly, everyone involved has become attached to this inflatable… so much so, that it has become more of a mascot than a sports marketing prop. In fact, there are plans to buy another inflatable soon.

If you're looking for a way to jack up the excitement level at your sporting events, let's talk about how a custom inflatable can make it happen. From replicas to archways to tunnels, we've got just the ticket!

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“Everywhere it goes, folks go out of their way to catch a glimpse of the colorful inflatable.”

- Brent Campbell, Enterprise Beverage Group, LLC

"Landmark created two inflatable Truman the Tigers for us, and they were incredibly easy to work with, as well as very affordable."

- Michelle Froese, Missouri University

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