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Inflatable Logo Draws Attention and Customers to Food Truck

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Stroud's Barbeque Inflatable Food Truck Logo

Inflatable Logo Helps Stroud's Barbeque Stand Out in a Crowd

Sean Stroud, owner of Stroud's Barbeque in Tennessee, knew he needed something to help improve sales at events like fairs and festivals.

Stroud's is well known in the area for their mouth-watering barbecue, but their truck was getting overlooked in crowded venues.

That's when he discovered advertising inflatables. He had the idea of placing an inflatable logo atop his food trucks, and turned to Landmark for help.

"Visibility is very important when there are multiple vendors in one location," says Stroud. "Having a large logo in the sky will draw attention."

The six-foot-tall, red and white inflatable logo does indeed draw attention. It's easily spotted even from across the fairgrounds, so visitors always know where to head for great barbecue. And since it's lightweight and quick to assemble, Stroud's plans to use it at other offsite catering events for instant name recognition.

Besides the added foot traffic, Stroud's new inflatable logo has even captured attention from the press. That's the power of advertising inflatables at work!

The website gave Sean the direction he needed. He took the next step and called the office. After speaking with our sales department, he was convinced we could provide just the right marketing tool for his growing business.

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- Greg Stone, Peach Tree Healthcare

"After speaking to a number of vendors, Landmark Creations had the professionalism, customer service, ingenuity, and creativity that we did not find elsewhere."

- Sean Conway, Arch and Loop

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