Customer Service Is Priority One

Customer Service is Priority One at Landmark Creations

It's been three years since noticeable economic changes covered the landscape in the U.S. For many companies, lowering prices, cutting staff, and reducing inventory became necessities. However, something else often changed during the process: customer service levels declined.

I've seen it as I've shopped, dined and conducted business in my own town. As a consumer, I've noticed bigger lines, longer hold times, and less responsive sales reps. I've seen the relationship aspect of business trickle and personal attention turn a little less warm.

I am proud to say Landmark Creations has not let our standards slip. We've maintained the same devotion to excellent customer service we've always had. In fact, we are continually evaluating our processes and customer feedback to ensure our customers with the same speed, respect and integrity we want for ourselves.

An Investment with a High ROI

Aside from the fact that we believe our customers are phenomenal and deserve to be treated well, I can also point out several other reasons we stay true to our customer-service practices.

Long-Term Relationships Are Mutually Beneficial - You've probably heard before that it costs five times more to bring in a new customer than to retain an existing one.  It's absolutely true.  When we welcome new clients, we work hard to develop long-term relationships that are advantageous to both companies.

Referrals Come Easily - When our customers are thrilled with their inflatables, they naturally want to sing our praises to anyone who asks, "Anybody know a good inflatables’ company?"

Our Reputation Is Maintained - We've worked hard to build a reputation as an upstanding organization that provides innovative design and exceptional products.  We won't jeopardize that by falling short where our customers are concerned.

It Lightens Our Load - Each project is just more fun to work on when our customers are happy.

A Matter of Conscience - We sleep better at night knowing we're treating people the way we want to be treated.  Life's just too short to provide bad service.

Good Service Is Good Business

If you've faced staff reductions or financial hardships, there are still ways you can offer top-notch service without putting added strain on your team.  Here are a few ideas you may want to copy from our playbook:

  • Use live, knowledgeable, friendly people to answer the phone.
  • Take time to really listen to your customers' needs. While it may seem to take longer up front, it pays off in the end with fewer mistakes.
  • Provide estimates, requests for information and marketing materials promptly.
  • Look for new opportunities to provide additional products/services your clients need.
  • Deliver on time, every time.  If delays ever crop up, notify your customer immediately.
  • Don't go direct.  Never solicit your customers' clients.  It's simply bad form.
  • Provide behind-the-scenes support for agencies and resellers (if applicable), so they are fully equipped to make sales on your behalf.
  • Make yourself available. With cell phones, text messages, social-media sites, email and other forms of communication, it's easy to connect with clients whenever they need you.
  • Be honest. Don't make false promises.
  • Be helpful. Offer up-to-date videos, websites, catalogs, newsletters, case studies, white papers or other useful information.

For us, it's not a difficult decision.  We want to make it easy to become a Landmark customer and even easier to remain one for years to come.

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