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Custom Inflatable Manufacturing: History

Promotional Inflatable Dinosaur and Gorilla

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Back in the mid-80s, the word "inflatables" conjured up images of gorillas on car dealership lots and stock shapes that practically every manufacturer had.

We've come a long way baby! Today Landmark offers highly detailed custom shapes.  In 1990, we had one computer, a Mac, which was used primarily as a paperweight. We designed and cut our patterns by hand. Today we have more computers than employees and our design and cutting process are digital (like everything else).  The printing process is digital and we email our customers digital proofs rather than overnighting 35mm photos.

Thanks to technology, Landmark's inflatables are more accurate and uniform can be produced more quickly, are highly affordable, and are much more creative and eye-catching. Which is, after all, the entire purpose of inflatables. Want to learn more about modern inflatable manufacturing? Contact us today