Inflatable Arch Brings Brand Awareness to Outdoor Events

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Thule ArchInflatable Arch Kicks Off Road Races in Style

Do one thing, and do it well — that's Thule's philosophy. It's a plan that has turned them into a leader in the sports industry, so whether you're looking for bike carriers, roof racks, or sport strollers, they're the brand you ask for.

It makes sense, then, that when Thule needed a way to get their name in front of more sports enthusiasts, they would choose a custom inflatable arch to get the job done. Used by causes everywhere to mark the start of charity races, triathlons, and other events, arches not only help organize the participants, but they offer plenty of photo ops as well. For Thule, the portable, go-anywhere design is ideal for traveling from event to event, and the distinctive logo leaves no doubt who sponsored the day's festivities.

This striking black-and-white arch puts Thule's brand front and center of every race, and keeps them front of mind in their target market — sports enthusiasts. Not only does it stand proudly above the crowd, but it's captured in nearly every photograph of the event, too. Perhaps best of all, though, the arch mirrors the simple elegance of their designs, and we think that's a message that can't be beat.

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