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Inflatable Penguin

Inflatables Make Imaginative Museum Exhibits: Design Creative Displays for Every Type of Museum

Events at art, science and children's museums often call for special props for marketing or as actual museum exhibits. Design intriguing, provoking or whimsical presentations and let Landmark Creations bring them to life.

Inflatables can help you expand your visitor base and reach new patrons. Browse custom museum inflatables in our online gallery.

Life-sized Wildlife Replica Inspires Children to Learn

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Inflatable Humpback Whale at Elementary School

Life-Sized Wildlife Replica Amazes Kids & Inspires a Love of Ocean Animals

Kids love to see Cynde McInnis coming. That's because this whale enthusiast brings ultra-cool stuff with her when she arrives at their schools. By combining something fun with something educational, children are captivated and inspired to learn about the oceans and the animals that live in them. All this education comes in the form of a life-sized wildlife inflatable "whalemobile."

Custom Inflatable Artwork Strikes a Chord with the Public

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Brian Kane's Inflatable Art Installation

Inflatable Artwork?  Custom Inflatables Are Not Just for Marketing Anymore

When it comes to working some marketing magic, custom inflatables are hard to beat. Many savvy promoters will tell you that a quality inflatable manufacturer is their best friend. But what about inflatables that are in it solely for looks? Brian Kane, Chief Art Injector for General Design LLC, will tell you that inflatable artwork is a thing of beauty.

Tristin Lowe's 52-Foot Cold-Air Inflatable Whale

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Inflatable Albino Sperm Whale at The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Inflatable Albino Sperm Whale Designed by Tristin Lowe in Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia

We at Landmark Creations feel all our inflatables are works of art. However, we must admit, we've never been asked to create a cold-air inflatable that would be used as an art exhibit. You know us, if we're going to do something new, we're going to do it BIG!

Komodo Dragon Inflatable Builds Curiosity for New Zoo Exhibit

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Cincinnati Zoo's Inflatable Komodo Dragon on Museum Rooftop

Cincinnati Zoo's Inflatable Komodo Dragon Takes City by Storm

Just imagine driving along the freeway on your way to work only to spy something rather unique (to say the least) out of the corner of your eye.  Peering over buildings around Cincinnati is an interesting creature not native to rooftops. Your first pass would beg the question, "What was that?"  On your way home from work, you'd be sure to take a hard second look – only to find it was a Komodo dragon of the inflatable variety.

Inflatable Life-Size Shark Replica Teaches Kids About Nature

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Sisbro Studio's Educational Inflatable Basking Shark

Life-Size Inflatable Shark Replica Teaches Kids About Friendly Sharks

Thanks to the sister-and-brother team of Laura and Rob Sams, Sisbro Studios has given sharks their own ambassador.  Devoted to teaching kids about nature, Sisbro Studios has produced films and created educational events that have appeared nationwide.  In conjunction with their most recent Shark Days film, they commissioned a life-size shark replica from Landmark Creations.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Komodo Dragon

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Virginia Aquarium's Inflatable Komodo Dragon on Museum Rooftop

Giant Inflatable Komodo Piques Curiosity about Museum's Restless Planet Exhibit

He's not cute and cuddly, but he's definitely a traffic-stopper. Drivers on their daily commutes got a wake-up call when they noticed something a bit strange atop the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. From the looks of it, a giant Komodo dragon was peering over the top of the building down on the world below. Of course, it wasn't a real dragon… just a very lifelike inflatable character.

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"Give our races a 'big event' feel.  They look cool in photos and videos, and they help us establish the look and feel of our brand."

- Sam Abbitt, Savage Race

"The inflatable arch allows for safe and easy setup and takedown. People have raved about the arch and have made requests to have it at their events."

- Karen Klevesahl, SMET Construction