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Inflatable Carl's Jr Logo

Inflatables Bring Your Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Life

When the question "What's for dinner?" is asked, you'll want to be sure your restaurant is the answer. That means constantly keeping your name out front. From fast food to five-star restaurant marketing, Landmark Creations can develop custom inflatables that appeal to your specific target market and also leave a vivid and memorable impression.

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The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Builds Brand Awareness

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Carl's Jr. Inflatable Happy Star Billboard on Franchise Rooftop

The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Makes People Hungry

Here's a little Marketing 101 for you. The purpose of creating a brand is to increase familiarity to such a point that exposure to the brand brings about instant recognition. This can happen with words… a jingle… or an inflatable billboard of a giant, smiling star. Such is the case with Carl's Jr. restaurants. 

"We are able to directly track customer traffic caused by the boot, so we know the inflatable boot paid for itself within the first year."

- Jerry Kavsh, Renton Western Wear

"Landmark created two inflatable Truman the Tigers for us, and they were incredibly easy to work with, as well as very affordable."

- Michelle Froese, Missouri University

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