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Preparing Art for Custom Inflatables

Posted in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Send Us Your Art

Before building your inflatable, we will need certain types of artwork from you. This might include logos, graphics, or other images. You can usually get these files from your company's art department, design house or ad agency.

Send Flat Art Files

Note: We cannot use a photograph of a three-dimensional object. Instead, please provide flat artwork, e.g. the files used to create the product's packaging.

How to send artwork to Landmark Creations 

Use the button below to send your art files.


If possible, supply a color correct file of your final graphics, including call-outs for critical Pantone swatch colors. Under normal circumstances, artwork must be provided 3 to 4 weeks prior to the shipment of your inflatable.

Art File Formats:

Vector Graphics

Customers whose inflatable or banner will require digitally printed text or logos should use a vector-based file format. Vector graphics are good for producing crisp outlines for logos and illustrations, independent of size.

Vector Graphic Example

Instructions For Your Art Department:

• Recommended file formats are .AI  or .EPS.
• RGB Color mode is recommended.
• Convert all fonts to outlines and embed any linked images.

Bitmap Images (AKA Raster Images)

Customers who don't have vector graphics for their artwork will need to submit art files in bitmap form.

Bitmap Art Example

Instructions For Your Art Department:

• Recommended file formats are .PSD or .TIF.
• Do NOT use any type of file compression (such as .JPEG or .GIF files).
• RGB Color mode is recommended.

Raster Art Size Specifications:

Resolution: We recommend the final art be at least 50 dots/pixels-per-inch (DPI/PPI) when printed at full scale. You can quickly determine the minimum size of your art file by using the equation below:

Art size at scale (inches) x 50 (dpi) = Art File Dimensions Needed (in pixels)

For example, if the banner for your inflatable will be 60 inches by 24 inches, the art file you send should be at least 3000 x 1200 px

• 60 in x 50 dpi = 3000 px
• 24 in x 50 dpi = 1200 px

Additional Notes

If your files contain a combination of raster and vector artwork: Make sure to embed your raster images in the file, or include them separately if linked. Include a copy of all fonts used, and provide Pantone, HEX, or RGB color codes for us to match.


If you have any further questions or concerns, contact us.

"I was especially impressed with your ability to turn around such excellent work on very short notice, and at a fair price."

- Richard Stever-Zeitlin, General Mills

“The setup is so easy. We have had event tents and other promotional items in the past that were a nightmare to set up and break down. The inflatable is now the easiest part of the setup, and probably the most identifiable.”

- Vaughan Cutillo, Montauk Brewing Company