Custom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Raises Awareness about Colon Cancer

Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates' Inflatable Colon at Community EventCustom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Encourages Colon Screenings

How do you fight a disease with practically no symptoms? With screenings, early and often. That's the message Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates is spreading everywhere they go. 

Certainly it makes sense that medical professionals would want to help save lives by educating. But most people are simply squeamish about discussing such matters.

With the help of Landmark Creations, however, Lebanon has a unique and "user friendly" way to communicate about this sneaky disease, its progression and what's involved with a colonoscopy.

Used during a 5K charity run (Sherry's Run), health fairs and other events during Colon Cancer Awareness Month (March), this 20-foot long custom inflatable colon tunnel allows attendees to take a sneak peek at what goes on inside this part of the digestive track.  With informative signs posted throughout the colon and additional information made available, their primary goal of raising awareness is accomplished. But Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates also gathers a lot of attention along the way, garnering a good bit of advertising and press coverage.

By taking the scary and confusing parts out of the equation, Lebanon and Landmark have successfully teamed up to help save countless lives. That's something to be proud of.

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