Minnesota Gophers Custom Inflatable Sports Tunnels

University of Minnesota Inflatable Golpher Sports TunnelUniversity of Minnesota Inflatable Sports Tunnel Builds Excitement

Goldy the gopher was jumping for joy the day the University of Minnesota decided inflatable sports tunnels would be added to their lineup. No doubt, Goldy already knew how valuable inflatables are when it comes to building excitement and increasing fan support. That's one smart gopher!

Just as Goldy predicted, this giant maroon and gold tunnel proved itself at the very first game. The University of Minnesota Sports Marketing Department explained, "We use the inflatable [sports tunnel] for our football team to enter [through at each] home game. We supplement [the tunnel] with smoke and pyrotechnics." What were they hoping to accomplish with their tunnel? Drama! And they got it by the bucket-full.

But that's not all they got from this inflatable. Advertising can be sold on the side of their inflatable sports tunnel if they ever choose to do so. This will help offset the cost of the tunnel and even possibly generate additional revenue for the Sports Marketing Department.

This is the second inflatable Landmark has crafted for the U of MN. Hometown proud, we love to work with local organizations to help increase the effectiveness of their marketing with made-in-the-USA inflatables.

Thanks to Landmark Creations' experience and creativity, Goldy now has a much easier job and is planning a vacation soon for the whole family.

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