A Dancing Clam on the Roof? Promotional Inflatable Balloons Make it Happen

Ivar's Inflatable Adverting Clam on Franchise RooftopIvar's Restaraunt brings a popular mascot to life with inflatables

What if you have a regionally popular mascot for which you'd love to get more exposure? And what if this mascot was a dancing clam? Would your first thought be to put it on your rooftop?

Balloon marketing was exactly what Ivar's Restaurants had in mind when they contacted Landmark Creations.

A landmark in their own right in Seattle, Washington, Ivar's Restaurants has 25 casual seafood bars and three full-service eateries. In addition, they produce and market their award-winning brand of soups, chowders and sauces for national and international sale. Jim Werth, marketing manager, couldn't think of a better way to add some flash to their locations than with a custom-made promotional inflatable.

"The inflatable complements our messaging since Ivar's is a quirky restaurant that's known for its antics."  He goes on to say that the rooftop balloon is very noticeable even from up to an eighth of a mile away.

At the moment, the dancing clam sits atop the 25th freestanding quick-service restaurant in celebration of its grand opening. Future plans include additional openings, community events and possibly parades (if they can find a flatbed big enough to drive it around!).

Why Landmark? Our "best-of-breed" standing in the inflatables industry is one aspect Jim mentioned. Then there's the top-notch inflatables, impeccable service and reasonable prices. Those always come in handy, too.

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