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There's no question about it. Inflatables draw crowds. But when it comes to generating new and creative ideas for the use of your event advertising balloons, it's always best to have a little help.  Landmarketing is a quarterly ezine published by Landmark Creations that delivers insightful articles on the use, care and maintenance of commercial advertising inflatables. You'll also find numerous case studies so you can learn from the successes of others.

Recent Issues of Landmarketing

From marketing to maintenance, each issue of Landmarketing provides insightful information designed to improve the overall performance and ROI of your event advertising balloons.  Feel free to browse the most recent issues. Want Creative Ideas for Using Custom Inflatables Delivered to Your Inbox Every 3 Months? Subscribe!

Landmarketing Issue 08 - Autumn 2003

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Welcome to Issue 8 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

As the heat fades and the leaves start to change color, all of us at Landmark Creations have been working hard creating lots of inflatables for fairs, carnivals, and fall festivals. (If you could call all the fun we have “work.”)

Landmarketing Issue 13 - Winter 2005

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Welcome to Issue 13 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have you started procrastinating on your New Year's resolutions yet? Around here, we've been doing anything but! It's a recurring resolution at Landmark Creations to provide the best service (along with the best inflatables!) consistently.

Landmarketing Issue 04 - Autumn 2002

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Stephanie Meacham

Welcome to Issue 04 of Landmarketing

As the temperatures begin to cool, Landmark Creations is heating up for fall! Sealed inflatables are generating a lot of heat these days, our Holiday Shapes Special offers hot deals, and our new Halloween Flash Game offers some fun in time for Halloween! You'll get details on all three in this issue of Landmarketing.

Landmarketing Issue 12 - Autumn 2004

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nieva kiosk

Welcome Landmarketing Autumn 2004 - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Well, the Landmark Creations' Official 2004 Punching Bags turned out to be a bigger hit than we thought. The response to the referral giveaway has been phenomenal and the eBay auctions continue to be a lot of fun. We'll give you an update on that in this issue a little later.

Landmarketing Issue 09 - Winter 2004

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New Year

Welcome to Issue 09 of Landmarketing - Inflatable Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Happy New Year and welcome back to another issue of Landmarketing. As marketers everywhere begin to kick in their plans for 2004, we’re standing by… our creative juices flowing… waiting for the opportunity to produce an inflatable that will truly change the way you market forever.

Landmarketing Issue 03 - Summer 2002

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The Landmark Creations' staff has been full of excitement over the past few months.

Several things have contributed to the merriment including the success of our kayak giveaway (I'll give you details in just a moment), the creation of our new brochures due out in August, and the revival of our ever-popular Inflatabucks program.

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