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Custom Inflatable Advertising Balloon for Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana

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Custom Inflatable Globe with Miley Cyrus Fans

Giant Inflatable Globe Helps Miley Cyrus Organize Fans at Concert Events

Taking the teen crowd by storm, Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) needed a way to organize all those fans at each event. As kids and parents gathered - sometimes hours before each show - they could look for the Miley's World inflatable advertising balloon to direct them to merchandise sales and special offerings.

The Miley's World Fan Club (owned and operated by Walt Disney World) chose custom inflatables as their advertising medium rather than a banner or booth for one simple reason.

 Custom inflatables are 3D! This helps create a more dramatic presence especially since the globe was identical to Miley's trademark logo… only real and very large! The globe is part of Miley's mobile marketing campaign so it goes where she goes. We're sure Disney also appreciated the fact that custom inflatables are easy to inflate and deflate and they travel well. From concerts to live appearances to contests, this inflatable advertising balloon let young girls all across the country know they were in the right place to get their Hannah fix.

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