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NOAA Giant Inflatable Right Whale Calf Helps Save Marine Lives

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NOAA Fisheries Inflatable Right Whale at Community Event

NOAA Makes a Big Impact on Right Whale Conservation with its 22-Foot Inflatable

 It's always sad to hear of a species in danger.  Thankfully, we have organizations such as NOAA Fisheries Services that step up to offer protection and preservation of our nation's living marine inhabitants. One of their most pressing causes currently is the North Atlantic Right whale. 

With as few as 325 of these animals in existence to date, and with the extremely high vessel-related death and injury ratio, NOAA enlisted the help of Landmark to bring awareness to this tragedy.

Armed with a 22-foot long, life-size, custom inflatable Right whale calf, they travel from exhibit to exhibit introducing people to the plight of these gorgeous creatures. Used at over 20 events each year, they have brought awareness to 10,000 people in the past six months.

From its sad eyes to its detailed markings, this massive baby is helping to save his species as he makes stops at festivals, shows, schools and more. Well done, big guy!

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“[The inflatable arch] created a wonderful backdrop to brand our events, capture our sponsors in the photos used by the participants, and made it easy to travel down the coast of California without taking up too much space on our trucks.”

- Amy Daugherty, California Coast Classic

"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenge

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