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Cold-Air Inflatable Adds Pizzazz to Italian Festival

Posted in Concert & Stage Production Inflatables

Inflatable Tower of Pisa at The Italian Heritage Festival in New York

Custom Inflatable Adds a Sense of History to the Italian Heritage Festival

 Event marketers, The Display Company, were charged with creating an interesting centerpiece for the Italian Heritage Festival in Buffalo, NY. As the largest street festival in the United States, this event would attract thousands of onlookers.What came to mind?One of the most well-known Italian landmarks ever: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Custom Inflatable Artwork Strikes a Chord with the Public

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Brian Kane's Inflatable Art Installation

Inflatable Artwork?  Custom Inflatables Are Not Just for Marketing Anymore

When it comes to working some marketing magic, custom inflatables are hard to beat. Many savvy promoters will tell you that a quality inflatable manufacturer is their best friend. But what about inflatables that are in it solely for looks? Brian Kane, Chief Art Injector for General Design LLC, will tell you that inflatable artwork is a thing of beauty.

Custom Inflatable Tunnel Gets Fans, Parents & Players Excited

Posted in Sports Industry Inflatables

Christian Academy of Knoxville's Inflatable Warrior Football Helmet Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel Helps Christian Academy of Knoxville Generate Excitement

The key word here is "excitement." It kept coming up all during the process of collecting information from the school. What were their primary goals for the new football tunnel? "Create excitement for the fans." "Create excitement for the players." "Increase excitement with the students and impress visitors." The best way we've found thus far to instill this level of - well - excitement is with a custom inflatable tunnel.

Custom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Used by Barnes-Jewish Hospital to Educate Community

Posted in Health & Beauty Industry Inflatables

Barnes-Jewish Hospital's Inflatable Colon at Community Outreach Event

Inflatable Colon Tunnel Promotes Community Outreach & Education

Take one look at the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and you'll notice something quickly… they have a passion for education. There's good reason for that.  Many forms of cancer can be treated more diligently or completely prevented with proper education and early screenings. Such is the case with colon cancer.

Cold-Air Inflatable Product Replica Captures Attention with Style & Versatility

Posted in Industrial Products Promotional Inflatables

Inflatable Fire Extinguisher at Fire Safety Carnival

Inflatable Fire Extinguisher Product Replica Gets Rave Reviews

Who would have thought that something so unobtrusive would bring about such a reaction? Usually found tucked away under a sink or in a closet, fire extinguishers are the unsung heroes during a blaze. The cold-air inflatable versions we designed and produced for Georgia State University's Office of Emergency Management Fire Safety Section, however, were anything but unobtrusive.

Eastern Propane Uses Inflatable Product Replica at Community Events

Posted in Industrial Products Promotional Inflatables

Eastern Propane's Inflatable Propane Tank at Community Event

Eastern Propane Uses Indoor / Outdoor Inflatable to Get Noticed

Since 1932, Eastern Propane & Oil has served residents and businesses alike. Now, having grown to over 300 employees, it supplies propane and more to five states in and around the Eastern Seaboard.  The secret to their growth?  It's partly due to their community commitment and savvy marketing skills.

Inflatable Product Replica Revs Up Creative Advertising & Event Marketing

Posted in Automotive Industry Inflatables

Inflatable Battery Replica at Trade Show

Inflatable Product Replica Powers Up the Creative Advertising Efforts of FVP

Racetracks. Tradeshows. Wherever it goes, the FVP VoltEdge battery inflatable product replica gets noticed. And that's the point. At these and other venues, there's always something going on. In environments where your prospects' attention is fractured, you want to have a marketing tool that makes a big impression. That's one reason FVP chose Landmark Creations.

Promotional Inflatable Logo Pizza Slice Stops Hungry Passersby

Posted in Food Industry Marketing Inflatables

Inflatable Hot Stuff Foods Logo at Marketing Event

Promotional Inflatable Logo is Really Hot Stuff

What is tall and visible and red all over? An inflatable logo pizza slice, of course! Hot Stuff Foods (an international foodservice franchisor specializing in high-quality pizza and sandwiches) typically calls convenience stores, universities, hospitals and military bases home. In order to help their franchisees generate more business, they provide a 10-foot-tall promotional inflatable shaped like a pizza slice.

REACH Cold-Air Inflatable Helicopter Helps Promote Quality Patient Care

Posted in Health & Beauty Industry Inflatables

REACH Air Medical Services' Inflatable Helicopter

REACH for Life Uses Cold-Air Inflatable Helicopter to Promote Membership Program

If you or someone you love has ever been critically injured and required air transportation to a medical facility, you can appreciate the vital nature of these services. These unsung heroes make it possible for patients to get the urgent care they need in a fraction of the time it would take by ambulance. The problem is, air transports are costly and insurance doesn't always cover the complete expense. 

Cold-Air Inflatable Monument Memorializes President George W. Bush

Posted in Non-Profit and Cause Marketing Inflatables

George W. Bush Inflatable Statue

Artist Uses Cold-Air, Outdoor Inflatable to Create Instant Monument

Artist Broc Blegen is a staunch George W. Bush supporter. So much so that he wanted to pay homage to the president immediately rather than waiting the typical months or years it normally takes for traditional statues to be created.  Employing his creative nature, he devised a collaborative effort with Landmark Creations to make his vision a reality.

Inflatable Batting Cages Help Teams with Marketing Promotion

Posted in Sports Industry Inflatables

InMotion Air's Inflatable Batting Cage

Inflatable Batting Cages for Practice or Promotion Keep Your Team In Motion

Have you ever had to cancel batting practice due to inclement weather?  Do you need an exciting way to interact with fans?  Wish you had easy-to-transport equipment for clinics and other events?  Then INMOTIONAIR, Atlanta-based manufacturers of inflatable batting cages and sports marketing/promotion specialists, may have a solution for you.

Custom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Raises Awareness about Colon Cancer

Posted in Health & Beauty Industry Inflatables

Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates' Inflatable Colon at Community Event

Custom Inflatable Colon Tunnel Encourages Colon Screenings

How do you fight a disease with practically no symptoms? With screenings, early and often. That's the message Lebanon Digestive Disease Associates is spreading everywhere they go.  Certainly it makes sense that medical professionals would want to help save lives by educating. But most people are simply squeamish about discussing such matters.

The Ultimate Block Party Inflatable Archway Helped Create a New Future through Play

Posted in Non-Profit and Cause Marketing Inflatables

Custom Inflatable Arch at Ultimate Block Party Event

Inflatable Archway Guides Attendees of the Ultimate Block Party to All the Fun

What do search engine giant, Google, and toy-maker, Hasbro, have in common?  They both encourage their employees to play… on the clock. They've learned from experience that one of the best ways to generate a creative and innovative atmosphere is to allow employees to pursue the activities that lead toward this type of thinking.  A.k.a. play.